"I couldn't turn the pages fast enough"

When pieces of a ship are found floating in space and identified as The Helen of Troy, the family and friends of Tristan Mallory and Kellan Votrain are crushed. While most grieve, Dorian Dalia refuses to believe that they are dead. She is sure that she would have known -- would feel it inside -- if Tristan were dead. With no leads, however, Dorian can do nothing. Separated and lied to, Tristan and Kellan are actually on the planet Arden, dominated by women since a plague wiped out most of the male population centuries earlier. Due to the plague, the planet is quarantined, and men are kept protected in the harem system.

When Mara d'Jorel learns that Tristan Mallory, the noted scientist, is in her local hospital on Arden, she rushes to meet him. As a scientist of some repute herself, Mara resists her government's system. As far as she is concerned, Tristan is worth far more as a scientist than as a breeder. The trouble lies in convincing a corrupt government of his value.

Star-Crossed is an incredible romance set in a descriptive futuristic society. Without being overly technical, Ms. Byerly has created a setting full of new technology, political intrigue, and strange creatures. From the space battle on the first page, I was immediately swept into the time and place of the story, and I wasn't released until the last word.

The characters within Star-Crossed are very well-written. I respected and cared for the good guys; I hated and feared the bad guys; and I couldn't help but fall in love Tristan. Tristan did have competition for my affection, however, in the shape of a cat with human intelligence! Floppy, a rab- cat native to Arden, occasionally stole the show from the rest of the characters with his combination of intellect and furry cuteness!

I found Marilynn Byerly's Star-Crossed to be a quick and exciting read. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, and I hope to read more from Ms. Byerly soon. Very highly recommended!

Sally G. Laturi / February, 2001
Copyright 2001 for Paranormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 22, 2002


by Marilynn Byerly

Hard Shell Word Factory
January 1, 2000
ISBN #0759901007
304 pages
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