"A Fantasy adventure that doesn't lack for Magic!"

Yessssssss! Just what we've been begging for, a new Djinn romance from Ms. Nance. For those familiar with her magical heroes, get ready for an interesting twist.

Being kidnapped at the age of five had left permanent scars on Dr. Jack Montgomery. The post traumatic stress had left him nervous and sickly. He'd been bullied by other children until his twin got him interested in self defense classes. The course he'd followed from then on had ensured that he'd always be the one in control. His work as a biomedical engineer helped others to do so as well. So when he discovered that magic did in fact exist he'd worked tirelessly for two years to develop a way to negate its effects. Never again would he be helpless as he had been when his sister's husband Darius had cast a truth speak spell on him. Today he had finally achieved success, at least in theory. He hadn't expected to have to test his device quite so soon, but when he decides to unwind with a quick drink in a New Orleans bar his fate is sealed.

Jack is charmed by the exotic beauty whose come hither look left little doubt of her interest in him. He might have even been tempted for once to throw caution to the wind and indulge his desires, but it had been a long day. When he smiles and turns away, Leila is stunned. She was known on Kaf for her powers of seduction. The attraction spell she'd cast had merely been insurance, but weak Ma-at had always been her curse. She couldn't believe that the mere mortal she'd hand chosen to father her child wasn't even interested in her.

Unfortunately another man was, and he wasn't the type who took no for an answer. Jack might have walked away had he not noticed the man follow Leila to the parking lot. He couldn't stand by while another soul was victimized. Leila is understandably shaken by the encounter, but when Jacks takes her into his arms he has a feeling there's more going on than the magic of her kiss. He's seeing sparks of color that can only mean one thing. Leila is Djinn...and that spells trouble. Thinking fast Jack switches on his device.

Too late, for although they have not arrived at Leila's home as she intended, they are definitely on Kaf, a part of Kaf that Leila is wholly unfamiliar with. Jack isn't the only one disconcerted with this turn of events. It should have been a simple thing, even for her, to transport them away from this place, but when she reaches for her Ma-at she comes up empty. How dare the dreadful man steal her Ma-at.

Her pain is unimaginable. On her world status and responsibilities were determined by the strength of one's Ma-at. Leila's weak skills had earned her nothing but ridicule. She had had to develop other talents just to get by. Now their only choice is to find their way out of this wilderness on foot. Though they are both angry with each other the two make a pact to stick together until they reach civilization, where Jack's sister Isis (MORE THAN MAGIC) could transport him back to Earth. He would trust no other on this world.

The perils are greater than they know, for elsewhere on Kaf is a Djinni whose powers have been fed by dark forces, and who will stop at nothing to gain control of Kaf. They have accidentally stumbled upon his sinister preserve, and once he senses Jack's ability to negate his power, he will stop at nothing to gain the device for himself. Danger awaits, but the greatest danger may be to Jack's heart, for as each day passes Leila's beauty, courage, and intelligence weave a spell upon him that might be impossible to break.

Magical! Ms. Nance weaves a spell that will keep the reader enthralled from beginning to end. Her fantasy settings are incredible enough to challenge Hollywood's best special effects experts -- great fun to visualize. Jack is fascinating hero. Always a man to rely on science and reason, he learns that he must reach inside for his personal power in order to focus and control his invention. Oh, and you've got to love a man who admires a beautiful woman for her brains. Leila is equally amazing. Short on the most important quantity on her world, she has learned to rely on her wits making her far more formidable and desirable than any of her people could possibly imagine. It amazes her that an incredible man like Jack could admire her for those qualities, and it only makes her love him more. More to come, I can't wait for the next one.

Leslie Tramposch - Copyright 2002 For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 22, 2002


The woman in the New Orleans bar was pure sin and sex in a stunning package. And for once, hardworking, practical-minded Jack Montgomery lets himself be charmed. He had sworn he would not let magic hold sway over him again, yet passion was another matter. But no sooner had he taken the beautiful stranger in his arms than he discovered his mistake: Lovely, dark-haired Leila was far more than exotic; she was a genie. When he kissed her, heat lightning flashed around them, the air sparkled with color and a whirlwind transported him out of this world. Literally. Trapped with Leila in the land of the Djinn, Jack would have to choose between the principles of science that had defined his life and something dangerously unpredictable and unsettling...

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(Djinn Series: Book 3)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
September 1, 2002
Available: September 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524848
EAN #9780505524843
369 pages
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