"wonderful fantasy romance"

Ever since Darius toyed with him using magic, scientist Dr. Jack Montgomery has worked to find a way to disrupt the flow. Now just over two years has lapsed since Jack first tasted magic and hated his lack of control due to it. He feels he has found the means to void spells.

Her first choice would have been a man with magical abilities, but being a lightweight genie, Leila settles on intelligence and chooses Jack from a picture she saw of him in her homeland. Leila spins an attraction spell that makes her an alluring 10+, but that does not work as much as the passion Jack feels from looking at her. Jack and Leila kiss, but when the sparks settle and the lips reluctantly separate, a whirlpool spins them into the land of the Djinn. Jack must use other means besides his logical earth physics-based mind if they are to survive until he finds his powerful brother-in-law. As he falls in love with his companion, Jack wonders if his feelings are real or part of a spell cast by Leila.

Fans of fantasy romance will feel the ENCHANTMENT of a wonderful novel if they try Kathleen Nance's latest tale. The action-packed story line works on two levels; that of the adventures in the mystical land of Djinn and that of a love story between a mortal and a genie. After perusing this novel the audience will conclude that this time the Wizard of Oz provides substance as Ms. Nance deserves accolades for her well written imaginative book.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 22, 2002


The woman in the New Orleans bar was pure sin and sex in a stunning package. And for once, hardworking, practical-minded Jack Montgomery lets himself be charmed. He had sworn he would not let magic hold sway over him again, yet passion was another matter. But no sooner had he taken the beautiful stranger in his arms than he discovered his mistake: Lovely, dark-haired Leila was far more than exotic; she was a genie. When he kissed her, heat lightning flashed around them, the air sparkled with color and a whirlwind transported him out of this world. Literally. Trapped with Leila in the land of the Djinn, Jack would have to choose between the principles of science that had defined his life and something dangerously unpredictable and unsettling...

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(Djinn Series: Book 3)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
September 1, 2002
Available: September 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524848
EAN #9780505524843
369 pages
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