"Will Cree be able to reclaim the woman he loves?"

Imagine a world in space with no women. That is except the ones that they steal from other worlds. Rysalia is a world where the men years past had made terrible mistakes. These mistakes killed the women of their planet. The men in their search for the perfect war weapon created a retrovirus that they thought would sterilize the women of other planets, but the gas tanks exploded and ended up killing all the women in their own empire instead. So for this reason they are stealing women from earth and other planets. They enslave them and either give them jobs or make them physical release vessels for their reapers. Although some are allowed to join that is very limited, and reapers are forbidden to join. Kamerone Cree is a reaper.

A reaper is another one of the genetic experiments the men had done to create a breed of loyal fighting men/creatures. These creatures were the top most fighting machines the Rysalian Prime had.Very hard to beat, loyal due to programming from time of birth and feared by all others. Kamerone Cree is not only a top ranking reaper, but he is also the most respected and feared.

For this reason the resistance has set their eyes on Cree as their salvation.Some of the women that were stolen from Earth or Terra as the Rysalians call it, as well as women from other planets have banded together to try and overcome the men and gain their freedom. Although there is another group called The Sisters Of The Multitude that have even more sinister plans for the men.

The resistance goes about destroying everything Cree holds dear in order to win him over to their side. They then set him up to fall in love with a human female. The female is part of the resistance and they not only program him to fall for her, but they have her programmed to fall for him. Problem is will all of this turn out they way the resistance wants? Or did they let Cree lose his rank, his job, be tortured and lose the woman he has fallen in love with for nothing? Will Cree be able to reclaim the woman he loves? Or will the Multitude succeed with the revenge they have planned for the males of Rysalia? How do the reapers tie in to the vampire legends of earth? All I can say is that I enjoyed finding out the answers to all these questions, but than I have not read a book of Charlotte Boyett-Compo's that I did not enjoy. With some of the vampire like qualities the reapers have it would also be a nice addition to a vampire collection also.

Dominique / July, 1999

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 21, 2002


The Rysalian Empire, in their determination to crush their enemies, had unleashed their horror upon themselves instead. But the women of the megaverse and beyond, even unto Terra, paid the price. Plucked from their home worlds and enslaved by the Rysalian warriors, they were bought and sold, bred and discarded or slain at the whim of their captors … until the Resistance was born of their hate and suffering.

The Elite warriors, the Reapers were the demons of every Terran woman's nightmare. And one in particular was a nightmare in his own right, a killer among killers. His name was Kamerone Cree. But the Resistance needed him and it fell to Dr. Brigit Dunne to do the unthinkable, the impossible--she must seduce Captain Kamerone Cree and make him fall in love with her to turn him from the Empire.


Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.

Please note: this title was previously released elsewhere but has been revised for its NCP release.

LENGTH: Full Novel--PLUS

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(Wind Demon Trilogy: Book 1)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing
September 1, 2006
ISBN #1586089617
EAN #9781586089610
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