"imaginative take on both the vamp and Other World themes"

I finally bought an e-book. It's by Charlotte Boyett-Compo and is called "BloodWind". It's a vamp story with an intriguing twist. The hero is from a race/species that is very militaristic. Terran women, the brightest, most beautiful, and most fit, are kidnapped to help repopulate the hero's world, which lost all its women when germ warfare backfired. The hero is a beast is more ways than one, but you and the heroine are sympathetic because the hero was raised without love, or any human warmth, and even as a baby was kept under a harsh regime. The hero keeps his actual beast under control through special drugs. What he turns into without the drugs led to ancient Terran, specifically Celtic vampire myths. If you like alpha males who are conquered by their love for their women, this is the story for you. If you can't accept that the hero is a product of his culture, and comes from a very violent, macho, militaristic though technically advanced world, then this story will get your back up.


It also has a gory scene or two, and the hero undergoes some brutal treatment, without suffering a single scratch.

When he goes all caveman on the heroine, it didn't offend me, because at the same time, we see him helpless (struggling hard but sinking anyway) before his attraction to the heroine. And he never hurts her. His brutish possessiveness was made understandable because you remember the poor innocent baby he used to be, cruelly starved of love, and you know that the heroine is the only source of warmth he has ever experienced in his cold world. As a reader, I saw his behavior as being like a child who fears what he loves may be taken away - and all his life he has been taught that the only way to respond to a threat is to fight (he actually doesn't get that far, in that particular scene, but the earth practically trembles! When it comes to the heroine, he is all instinct and aggression, and he goes by the "What I want I take" thinking that all the top males like himself are encouraged in. He doesn't even realize he's caught until much much later. He doesn't even admit he wants to bed her, at first. he thinks he spent a fortune to get her just cause he felt like it. From the beginning he acts in uncharacteristic ways in her� presence, trying to please her without knowing why.

Yeah ... I really liked this story. Very imaginative take on both the vamp and Other World themes.

Carol Castellanos / June 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 21, 2002


The Rysalian Empire, in their determination to crush their enemies, had unleashed their horror upon themselves instead. But the women of the megaverse and beyond, even unto Terra, paid the price. Plucked from their home worlds and enslaved by the Rysalian warriors, they were bought and sold, bred and discarded or slain at the whim of their captors … until the Resistance was born of their hate and suffering.

The Elite warriors, the Reapers were the demons of every Terran woman's nightmare. And one in particular was a nightmare in his own right, a killer among killers. His name was Kamerone Cree. But the Resistance needed him and it fell to Dr. Brigit Dunne to do the unthinkable, the impossible--she must seduce Captain Kamerone Cree and make him fall in love with her to turn him from the Empire.


Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.

Please note: this title was previously released elsewhere but has been revised for its NCP release.

LENGTH: Full Novel--PLUS

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(Wind Demon Trilogy: Book 1)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing
September 1, 2006
ISBN #1586089617
EAN #9781586089610
e-Book (reprint)
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