"Lots of adventure and intrigue...More than juat a keeper"

As usual this is another five star book from Charlotte Boyett Compo. This was the prequel to the Wind series, and what happened prior to Windfall.

Genevieve and Wier Saur, are pirates as well as brother and sister. They are out sailing when they come upon a deserted prison transfer ship. When they board the ship they catch a whiff of a horrible smell. They proceed to search the ship. What they find is definitely what they expect. Locked in a hole of on the ship is a one of the ships mates and an unconscious sick prisoner.

Once they transport the prisoner to their ship and nurse him back to health they find out they've been caring for an enemy. The man they have been caring for is Syn-Jern Sorn, the same man whose father was responsible for them losing their home and inheritance.

Syn-Jern Sorn was framed for murder by his half-brother and fiancé, and has had to spend the last twelve years in The Labyrinth. Weir is able to forgive the man for what happened to his father when he finds out about the way Syn- Jern was treated by his own family. Genevieve on the other hand still hates him with all her heart and would love nothing better then to see him dead.

Despite the fact that most of the time Genevieve is a real brat towards Syn-Jern, he manages to fall in love with her. Once Syn-Jern gets well he becomes a friend and companion to the rest of the crew as well as the rest of the pirate village. One evening Syn-Jern goes in search of the origin of a noise he has been hearing. Genevieve follows him into the jungle. Unfortunately there are Tribunal investigators on the isle also and Syn-Jern is caught and taken prisoner. The guards torture him and intend to send him back to The Labyrinth. Genevieve is getting the blame since if she hadn't followed him he wouldn't have had to get caught to protect her.

Once Syn-Jern is saved he decides to go back and claim what is rightfully his. He wants Holy Dale Manor which should have been his rightful home and he wants to get even with his half brother for what he has done. During all this not only does Syn-Jern win Genevieve over, but they end up getting married.

There is a lot of adventure and intrigue. As well as quite a few interesting characters that I have not mentioned. This book is not only for the keeper shelf, but in my opinion no review could do the book justice. You have to read it to get a full understanding of how good this authors' books are.

Carol Castellanos / March, 2000
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Review based on the e-book release: March 1, 2000 / Dark Star Publications; ISBN: 1929034881

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 21, 2002


An Unknown Evil

Syn-Jern Sorn made a very powerful enemy in his half-brother, Trace Edward Sorn. Taken in chains to the infamous Labyrinth Penal Colony, Syn-Jern is meant never to return to his rightful place as Duke of Winterstorm, an inheritance his step-brother has usurped. But Syn-Jern weilds magical powers so deadly he is loath to unleash them on his enemies. Will the love of a rebellious young girl save Syn-Jern from the evil within his soul or will it destroy her? .


by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Twilight Times Books
May 1, 2003
Available: May 1, 2003
ISBN #1933353198
EAN #9781933353197
331 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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