"Recommended for Readers who like adventure, romance, and some paranormal elements"

This is a very compelling book. It is one that I would have read in one sitting if time had permitted. It is also the prequel to Keeper Of The Wind in the Windlegends Series. Nick Cree and his sister Gillian are on the run, in order to help Gillian escape from the marriage the Jarl of the country has ordered to Rolf de Veinnes. Gillian and Nick are the children of the Chalean ambassador visiting with the Jarl of Virago. The Ambassador Cree owes a debt to the Jarl, which leaves it impossible for him to say no to the arranged marriage.

In the process of escaping they become lost and the wolves scare away their horses so they are on foot. Being it is the dead of winter, they are freezing cold. They come across a mansion and knock to ask for a place to stay out of the cold. They finally gain entrance by breaking in since no one comes to the door. It looks all but deserted if it wasn't for the smoke coming from the chimney. When they do get in, they find Kaelan, owner of the mansion, unconscious on the steps from the kitchen to the second floor.

Kaelan is the first love of Gillian, and until his forced marriage to another, Gillian's fiancée. Gillian doesn't know that his marriage was forced; so she is very angry and rude. Although she helps save his life, she wants no part of him. Kaelan is hated by the townsfolk due to the fact that he is thought to be a murderer of his wife and a magician.

Suffice it to say once Gillian finds out the true story, Kaelan and Gillians' love is rekindled. Gillian, Nick and Kaelan go through many struggles and dangers in order to escape the Jarl and his men who are chasing them in to bring Gillian back to Virago for her marriage to Rolf de Viennes. The Jarl is also Kaelan's brother who is jealous of, and very cruel to Kaelan. There are quite a few people along the way who help Gillian, Nick and Kaelan to try and evade the Jarl and his men.

I will end by saying I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good adventure romance with some paranormal elements to it. I would give it five stars. I am looking forward to reading the whole series.

Carol Castellanos / December, 1999
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This review is based on the e-book release: November 1, 1999 / Dark Star Publications; ISBN: 1929034628

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Posted August 21, 2002


An Unholy Marriage:

Prince Kaelan Hesar made the mistake of falling in love with a girl of whom his Jarl did not approve and was thrown into prison because of that love. His heart broken, his spirit crushed, he was sold in marriage to the highest bidder and forbidden to ever see his love again.

Lady Gillian Cree, fleeing the unwanted attentions of a man she'd been ordered to marry, stumbles upon a derelect manor house in the midst of a snow storm and discovers true love never dies.

A tale of unrequited love, undying devotion, and lovers searching for happiness in a world set against them.


(WindLegends Saga: Prequel #1)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Twilight Times Books
August 1, 2004
Available: August 1, 2004
ISBN #193120151X
EAN #9781931201513
Paperback (reprint)
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