"Delightful sequel to Prince of Charming"

Buttercup Baby is the sequel to Ms. Fox's PRINCE OF CHARMING released in 2000. Those familiar with the tale will remember that Titania, the faery queen, had trapped the half-fae son of King Oberon, Robin Goodfellow, in a painting. His essence was to be trapped there for all eternity. Ariel, Queen of the Pillywiggins (flower faeries), one of Robin's few friends among the fae, had protested this treatment. She had been banned from the faerie court for all eternity. Life tends to become very lonely for a faerie who is no longer needed.

Fortunately, Robin had had better luck. A specially gifted mortal woman had freed him from Titania's curse. He had fallen madly in love with her, and had given up his immortality to wed her. They had recently been blessed with a lovely boy child.

The faery king, Oberon, took pity on poor Ariel, and curious about his new grandson, had charged her with observing the child and bringing him a full report. Ariel had never seen a baby before. Faeries are immortal and do not reproduce. But once she had held the child she couldn't help but yearn for one. If she could only have a baby, she would not be so alone. She would have someone to need her again.

Robin's very existence proves that there must be a way. Ariel vaguely remembers hearing that a faery could have a child by mating with a mortal. This she could bring herself to do, but the mortal male would have to have all the qualities she would want in her child.

Voices cause Ariel to hide herself, while the proud mama shows her slumbering son off to her guests. The handsome young man appears disinterested until the women leave the room. Rand Thayer had grown up the only male among ten sisters. He had all the children he could ever want to play with in their progeny. He had determined to be a bachelor for life, and yet he couldn't resist a baby.

Ariel's heart melted at the gentle way Rand touches the child. Yes, he would do. Rand is young, healthy, handsome, and kind of heart. Ariel had had contact with mortal men over the centuries. They tended to be lustful creatures. She had no inkling that such a creature would refuse to accommodate her.

When she blurts out her proposition to Rand however, he flatly refuses. She doesn't understand. He is definitely attracted to her. Perhaps he needs time to get to know her better. Perhaps she needs time as well.

This story proceeds from bizarre to hilarious as the charming former fairy seduces the confirmed bachelor. Having had her way with him, she leave as planned. Ariel is well aware of the short life expectancy of mortals and doesn't want to stick around to watch Rand age and die. She has what she came for. However, upon returning to the faerie gate, she finds that the life within her has barred her entrance. She has no other choice but return to Rand for the time being.

Rand had awoken to find Ariel gone and felt used. Yet he found he could not refuse her shelter when she returned. She was bearing his child after all. He might not have planned on being a father, but now that it had become a reality, he was determined to be a part of his child's life. Dealing with a faerie pregnancy is completely outside his experience and he is forced to let his sister and his best friend, an obstetrician in on the deal. Before long every one of Rand's meddling female relative is determined to see them married. Neither Ariel nor Rand wanted that! Or did they?

Readers who delighted in Prince of Charming will adore Buttercup Baby. I found it funny, charming, sweet, and very romantic, a read of the pick-me-up, feel good variety . It is this reviewer's hope that Ms. Fox will continue to share the lives of the Fae with her readers.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 19, 2001


2002 PRISM AWARD Finalist:
3rd place - FANTASY

A faery who wants to get pregnant.

A man with too many women in his life.

Magic, mischief and mayhem!

Ariel of the Fae had never seen a baby before. But then why would she have? Children do not exist in her realm. So the moment she finally enters the mortal world and spies a sleeping child, Ariel falls instantly in love--and decides she wants one. All she needs is a suitable mortal man...

Rand Thayer meets all the criteria. He is handsome, healthy--and fertile. Perfect. Except for one small problem... When Ariel boldly marches up to him and asks him to impregnate her, her flat-out refuses! While Rand may be a good catch, he certainly is not an easy one. Now, Ariel will have to rethink her less-than-tactful tactics and consider the strange possibility of getting to know him first...


Buttercup Baby
(Fae Romance: Book 2)
by Karen Fox

Jove (Magical Love)
October 1, 2001
ISBN #0515131695
EAN #9780515131697
266 pages
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