"Wonderful Collection of SF/F short stories by a talented author"

A Creative Edge is a marvelous collection of sixteen short stories by author Steven Lazarowitz. Although some of the stories are apparently sci-fi/fantasy from the get-go, many appear to be traditional contemporary or even historical tales until the twist that is generally filled with irony and perhaps even a lesson to be learned. Indeed the characters often learn something about themselves, the reader about human nature. By story's end the reader will be filled with wonder and amazement at the turn that the tale has taken. Characters range from a newborn child, to an empathic tree, from a no-talent writer to a spoiled young wizard, sea-dwelling aliens and game-playing spirits. Though the title of the collection is taken from the introductory story it could very easily apply itself to the author of these wonderful tales.

The tales run the gamut of human foibles, testing faith and perception, uncovering courage, greed, and obsession.

Titles are as follows:

A Creative Edge: A no-talent sci-fi writer is gifted with an idea machine; a tale of greed.

The Tree: An alien tree is transplanted to the biosphere of a galactic collector. What does the tree learn?

So Many Differences: Space adventure to a planet of shape- shifters. How well do you know your friends?

A Matter of Faith: With life support running out and no options, can a non-believing space traveler learn a lesson from the celebration of Chanukah.

Role-playing: This one will appeal to those who enjoy games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

As Luck Would Have It: A young man learns to look beyond the obvious.

Music To My Ears: An ironic tale of obsession. Be careful what you wish for!

A Star is Born: All the world is a stage, an experienced actor makes a stunning "debut".

Virtual Confusion: A new virtual game affords the player the opportunity to live the life of another, but how can he be sure which life is real? This story has an unexpected twist.

Birthright: To thine own self be true. A courageous young man knows where his value lies.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Proof that no matter the limits put on a body, the mind knows no boundaries.

Sea Trap: Adventurer seeking to explore the mysteries of Earth's last horizon discovers more than he bargained for.

Flame Angel: A daughter learns that her hero is very human and perhaps loves him even more.

Born of Darkness: A very dark tale, in which a young wizard learns a very hard lesson.

The Adventures of Alaric Swifthand: Do you believe in destiny or does something else entirely control your fate? This tale was written in serial form with lots of plot twists and a surprise ending. Excellent.

Necklace of N'larikan: A lesson in humility.

Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 21, 2002


previously published: Dark Star Pub. ISBN: 1929034709


A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation
by Steve Lazarowitz

Twilight Times Books
August 1, 2002
ISBN #1931201587
EAN #9781931201582
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