"A must read for time travel romance reader who's interested in American history"

When Dr. Bethany Henry and her twin brother, Bryce, take their father's yacht out for a vacation, they planned to just rest and relax. While Bethany is reading a historical romance novel about pirates and thinking about a women's lot in life at that time, a freak storm hits. A water spout transports them back to 1814 and into the path of a pirate ship. The captain of this ship strongly resembles the cover model from her novel that is one gorgeous hunk!

They are taken captive by the pirates and while Bryce is chained in the brig, Bethany is locked in the captain's cabin. Before Bethany can convince the captain of where they come from and to return them to the yacht, another storm takes the yacht and they're stranded. Bethany falls in love with Captain Joshua Blackmon, but she knows that he'll have to change his bloodthirsty ways before they can have any chance of happiness.

Can he change or does he even want to change? Can Bethany adjust to this new life, even loving Joshua as she does and what about Bryce? Will he agree to sign on with Joshua's crew or remain a captive aboard the ship?

Totally captivating! Marvelous! Fantastic! This book is a sure fire winner and a must have for any time travel romance reader who's interested in American history. The action is smooth, fast and continuous. The author brings the characters to life and they carry you along from page one through the entire novel. The love scenes describe the feelings and emotions of the lovers more than many without loosing any of the sensual quality. I will recommend this to anyone who is interested in loosing themselves in another world.

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Reviewed by Irene Marshall

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 14, 2002


Dr. Bethany Henry looses control of her independent life when a curious storm and waterspout sends her yacht sailing through time. Bethany, and her twin, Bryce, find themselves in what they believe to be a mock battle, which turns out to be real. Men do not die in fake battles. Captives on a privateer's ship, they are not in 1999 anymore, but in 1814, and in the last days of the War of 1812.

Captain Joshua Blackmon has scores to settle with the English and Spanish. He sails in league with Jean Lafitte of Barataria. Vengeance is his driving force until an American beauty on a strange boat shows up. He wonders who is the captive? Does he control Bethany or does she control his heart? Nay! He will never give up his fight to rid the sea of those who would harm his countrymen, even for the love of a woman. Bethany must learn to love the pirate, before she can learn of the Virginia gentleman behind Joshua Blackmon.


To Sail Through Time
by Jayme Evans

Wings e-Press
July 1, 2002
ISBN #1590880757
325 pages
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