"Paranormal horror that may be offensive to many."

Robert Noirson is a Son of the Devil, able to appear human by the powers of his father. He is the plenipotentiary of Evil on Earth and can resuscitate any person who dies unless they die by fire. At a charity benefit, he sees and meets Maria Jablonskaia, Mary J, whom he recognizes as a clone of the Virgin Mary. He is immediately enthralled with the girl and arranges to spend time with her, subsequently deciding to divorce his wife Judy and marry her.

Mary J is an orphan. She is smart and willful, and presents a facade of little to no ambition. She has no desire to obey her guardians' orders to meet with him, but their will prevails. He intrigues her with his magical abilities and insight of her latent powers and inner desires. When he resuscitates a man hit by a car she perceives him as the Messiah and agrees to marry him, believing he will amicably divorce his wife. Judy dies in a fire a day later and the two are wed.

Robert's secret identity is well guarded. Breaking this primary rule results in a 'ride to hell' where one is tormented by his worst fears. Although many clues are given to Mary, she chooses to overlook them and stand by her angel despite several occasions of physical harm and persecution. Robert is beguiling and possessive, tender at times, unmerciful at others. He is, after all, working on his father's behalf. Mary eventually discovers his secret and chooses to remain in the marriage. The pair's allegiance to each other falters on occasion, but never fails.

While this book chronicles the lives of the Noirsons, it also speaks of many other people: their adoptive children and servants, demons and humans. It details the choices of inhabitants, both in their former lives and present existence in a pseudo-world where they fall in and out of love and decide their ultimate fate. Acting against the Noirsons results in a 'ride to hell,' but good behavior and timely prayers can result in salvation. A call upon God is always answered. On her birthdays, Mary releases some people from their servitude, one of her relatively frequent acts of mercy. Other options are offered when Mary's brother-angel, Michael Alter, arrives in their midst to light a different path. A maelstrom ensues, some are saved and others ensure their place in hell.

Lily Alex weaves a complex web of intrigue, heartbreak, love, evil and goodness. This book is challenging and thought-provoking. She cites most strongly the act of choice and the rewards or repercussions of our decisions. Love is a choice, governed only by one's self and may or may not be returned by the favored person. As in real life, one's perception of love may vary from one person to the next.

"Lost on Earth or Fateful Love" contains cruel events, strong language, violence, some sexual situations. This material may be disturbing and offensive to innumerable readers. I didn't comment on the editing of the story in the review, but the MANY editing errors were quite disconcerting and readers will find make for difficult reading.

Kathy Early
2002, Paranormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Kathy Early
Posted August 14, 2002


Can angels fall in love and act like ordinary people?

This is a romantic thriller about love adventures of angels, demons, and humans in the "real" life.

Can Love bring happiness or problems and troubles only?

This is a romantic story. If you do not believe in strong feelings, do not read it.

But this also is an action-filled book that will capture your attention until you finish reading.

What if your loved one was brutally murdered?

This book contains cruel events, strong language, violence, some sexual situations. It is just like real life after all.

In this fantasy story Love and loss, miracles and actions are tied together. In this book no sin goes without a punishment, however, no prayer goes without a response. All the time the heroes have to make their choice.

She wants him, she gets him, she loses him, she wins him. He can not control her.

These are a few love stories. The heroes love and help each other, they are brawling and fighting, they split up and make up, they are ready to die for each other, and even death can not separate them.

Evil is interminable, but Love always wins!

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Lost on Earth or Fateful Love
by Lily Alex

August 14, 2002
ISBN #073881413X
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