"A Space station commander and a goddess -- Destiny with a twist in an action-packed story"

"Protect and Defend" was the promise that Sorcerer Rothal- kiar and Kiasidera Lady Khamsin made to the people of Khalar. Thousands of years later, after a battle in Riftspace that saved the Kahlaran, Raheiran Special Forces Captain Gillaine Davre finds herself awakening in sick bay and her crystalship SIMON (Sentient Integrated MObile Nanoessence) is also injured. Such is not unexpected after battle, but what is a shock is that 342 years have passed and they cannot explain how it happened.

The Raheiran policy of minimal intervention was strict; so Gillie is appalled to find that one the results of her success in the battle against the Fav'lhir was that the Kahlaran made her a Goddess. Time and legend had rewritten what she'd done and although it goes against her nature to lie, the truth would destroy their culture. At all cost she must keep her true identity a secret.

Admiral Rynan "Make It Right" Makarian, Commander of the 5th Fleet on Cirrus One Space Station was having enough troubles without having to solve the dilemma of what to do with an unidentified freighter and captain. Mack cannot seem to fight the attraction developing and although he feels Gillie is a gift from the Goddess, he cannot afford to be distracted. There are many things needing his undivided attention in order to refit the station in time for the Chancellors inspection.

As events unfold, Gillie begins to wonder if her being in this time was not a happenstance but destiny. After her destruction of the Fav mageline hundreds of years ago, who but she would believe they were again to be attacked by wizards and sorcerers in starships? No one but Kiasidera could prevent the Fav'lhir from destroying the Kahlar but to use her powers, she would have to show her true identity. The truth could destroy not only the Kahlaran culture, but also Mack's trust and growing love.

ACCIDENTAL GODDESS is an exhilarating mix of magic and science fiction within an action-packed tale of good vs. evil. Both Gillie and Rynan (Mack) are strong, dedicated and commanding personalities sharing many of the same values. Destiny has brought them together to "Protect and Defend" - each in their own way and often working behind the scenes. As their love and work bring them together, they learn that each has their unique strengths although as Kiasidera, Gillie is a bit more unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and was drawn into the plans and problems on Cirrus One. Ms Baker's use of subtle humor and sassy comments adds an irreverent and entertaining aspect to space station politics and religion. This story integrated reality and fantasy that will be easily understood on both the intellectual as well as the emotional level. The parrots were an unexpected but interesting addition to the station. As for SIMON, I do hope we will be seeing more of him and his adventures, even if he must "put a sock in it".

Although not necessary as the Fav'lhir and evil mages are clearly defined in ACCIDENTAL GODDESS, you may wish to read WINTERTIDE which is the story of Rothal-kiar and Lady Khamsin and an explanation of the magelines.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted August 30, 2002


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A deep space explosion in Riftspace sends Captain Gillaine Davre three hundred and fifty years into the future, where her likeness graces every shrine, and her accident has been recorded in history as a 'divine sacrifice'. Anonymity, and lies, seem her only options. Then a long-time enemy attacks, again. Can Gillie stop the invasion without revealing her identity, and losing the man she loves?


An Accidental Goddess
by Megan Sybil Baker

October 1, 2002
ISBN #1553165780
EAN #9781553165781
238 pages
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