"science fiction romance"

After receiving the alarming call from Pop's neighbor, journalist J.T. Drake leaves Los Angeles for his hometown of Pecan Grove, Texas, to check on Pop, his father. Pop known as the eccentric Professor Herschel Drake to most people was doing some sort of experiment that J.T. was serendipitously checking into to insure there was no danger to anyone. However, by accident J.T. becomes the first animate object to be the test subject for what Pop was testing.

A frightened Pop calls his partner Dr. Roselyn Peabody, who immediately arrives to help. Roselyn believes that J.T. is a spoiled self-centered person who does not care about Pop. In fact J.T. gave up years ago trying to compete with the experiments for Pop's attention, but now worries about his father's mental faculties. J.T. has a slightly new concern as the accident leaves him invisible. As Roselyn and Pop monitor J.T, she and the son fall in love, but she thinks he is selfish and he believes she is a crackpot.

Fans of science fiction romance will enjoy the amusing SHOCKING BEHAVIOR. The story line cleverly blends the absent minded professor theme with elements from the romance genre. Though this reviewer doubts that regulatory agencies like EPA and a responsible scientist like Roselyn would perform experiments like this in their homes, the plot is fun to follow. The lead trio engages the audience while support players like the elderly neighbor augment the plot by reminding readers where the action occurs. Jennifer Archer entertains sub-genre fans with an eccentric tale.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 9, 2002


True-crime writer J.T. Drake becomes invisible after the fateful push of a button on a secret invention. Scientist Roselyn Peabody is his only hope of becoming normal again. But while Rosy works to help him regain his image, J.T. plots to dazzle her with his sex-appeal. When J.T. finally materializes, will their sizzling chemistry disappear or reveal itself as true love?


Shocking Behavior
by Jennifer Archer

Love Spell
August 1, 2002
ISBN #0505525070
EAN #9780505525079
320 pages
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