"An enjoyable regency with just the right mix of drama and humor"

Keene Whitmore Davies is a man whose world seems to be falling apart. His best friend George is in deep despair over the betrayal of his wife with their mutual friend Victor whom Keene recently shot in a duel. His brother's recent death brought grief and need for an heir. News of the duel results in his father, Lord Whitley's demand that Keene wed long-ago nemesis and cousin, Sophie Farthing. His only hope is that she will decline his offer.

Sophie is a bit of a hoyden and unable to live within her father's strict rules. Because of a series of misadventures, she has agreed to accept the next reasonable marriage proposal. When she agrees to the wedding, her father insists it take place promptly causing Keene to wonder why.

On impulse Sophie takes the new horse in the stables for a ride. She nic-name it "Grace" and as the horse was not saddle-broken, Sophie was thrown and received a mild concussion. After several incidents of dizziness and fainting and Sophie admitting she had "fallen from Grace", her parents assume the worst. After the wedding, her father takes Keene aside and informs him of his belief that Sophie is pregnant.

Keene's wish is that Sophie trust him and tell him of her condition. He refuses to be a husband to her until she is honest with him. Meanwhile, Keene is being called upon to try to help his friends settle their differences. Sophie believes he is ashamed of her country ways. How can they work out their differences if Keene leaves her in the country? So, Sophie travels secretly to London and asks the help of Keene's friend.

Dealing with his naive country wife and his anguished friends and their various intrigues will make this season in London one to remember. Written in a true regency style, you will enjoy reading this novel full of misadventures and circumstance. I found this an entertaining story with a fair mix of focus on Keene's thoughts as well as Sophie's. The weaving of friendships makes this an enjoyable caper with just the right mix of drama and humor. Be prepared to laugh and be occasionally frustrated with Keene's friends.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted August 8, 2002


It was meant to be a duel like any other -- avenge a lady's honor, take a shot, and win the day. But from the moment Keene Davies takes the pistol from its case, it's clear the cursed thing will ruin his life. Not only does his shot go awry, his father's reaction to news of the confrontation is an unprecedented threat to cut off Keene's inheritance if he does't settle down and marry -- specifically, a scandalous little hoyden named Sophie.

To Keene's amazement, Sophie has grown into a lovely young woman, even if she is prone to trouble. Yet Keene can't refuse the obligation he has to his father -- or deny his unaccountable attraction to the spirited young woman he soon calls his wife. Unbeknownst to him, however, Sophie's determined to teach her husband that honor begins with the heart, not the sword; and that passion should go hand in hand with love.


The Wedding Duel
by Karen L. King

August 1, 2002
ISBN #0821774131
352 pages
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