"Sad, uplifting, eerie, threaded throughout with romance and finished off with a happy ending"

Sarah MacMillan has had enough. Enough of being lied to and used by men. All she wants is to be left alone to renovate the house built by her ancestors and open up her business selling the antiques she loves. Life was perfect until a stranger showed up to rent the cabin on her property, a stranger who seems familiar. Then the whispering starts...

Pierre Martin is an undercover Mountie, all he cares about is bringing down everyone linked to the deaths of his wife and nephew, including Sarah MacMillan. Pierre and his department believe that Sarah's antiques business is being used to launder drug money, he just needs to prove it -- no matter how attracted he is to her.

This was a wonderful story. The ghostly interaction certainly brought goosebumps to my skin, not threatening in nature it could perhaps be more accurately described an echo from the past and I found it all the more effective as a result. The main characters both present and past were equally engaging. Initially Pierre and Sarah are both wary and distrustful of the opposite sex, though for different reasons, so it is fitting that it should be a love story from the past which brings them together.

BELOVED STRANGER was truly an emotional rollercoaster: it was sad, uplifting, eerie, threaded throughout with romance and finished off with a happy ending. Patricia Crossley once again demonstrates her ability to write with confidence both in a historical and a contemporary setting.


ParaNormal Romance Reviews Copyright 2002
reviewed by B. Small

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted August 7, 2002


An old house in the Ontario woods, a mysterious stranger who seems eerily familiar, an ancient murder that must be solved. . .

Disappointed and disillusioned, Sarah gives her life new direction, renovating an old house, intending to build a new business and make a home for her brother. When she rents a cabin in the woods to Pierre, a business man from Toronto, she finds herself overwhelmed by the immediate and sizzling sexual tension that leaps between them. In addition, mysterious forces gather strength, bringing nightmares of cold and death. What messages is the past sending her? Why does Pierre seem to be connected with her dreams?

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Beloved Stranger
by Patricia Crossley

Novel Books, Inc.
April 7, 2002
ISBN #1591050233
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