"A classic Silhouette Shadows contemporary gothic romance returns"

Lindsey Witherspoon had left disillusionment and the bustle of D.C. behind to regroup in the quaint southern town of Baton Bay. She was immediately taken with the picturesque mansion, bordering the swamp, that would be her home for the duration of her college roommate's European vacation. But it was the swamp itself that the budding photographer found irresistibly compelling. Her ex-fiancé had laughed at his former secretary's dream of becoming a professional, but his opinion had ceased to matter after she'd caught him in bed with the woman she'd hired to replace herself in his office. Now she had ample time to test her skill with her camera.

He emerged from out of the swamp, in search of his only friend. Instead he found a lovely stranger who could easily become a threat to his wounded heart and his tenuous grip on sanity. Everyone had warned Lindsey to avoid Royce Blanchard. The warning was in the note that her friend had left her, and in the voices of the townsfolk who called him Swamp Man, and told stories about him to scare their children. Even the man himself had warned her to stay away from him. Rumor had it that the last woman who had gone with him into the swamp had never returned, a fact that he'd confirmed, hoping to drive Lindsey away. But the torment in his moss green eyes told another story, one of loss and intense suffering that pulled at her, and drew her deeper and deeper into the swamp that she had come to love nearly as much as the lonely madman that dwelled within it.

This is a dark, edgy tale of one man's battle with life-long prejudice, which had become a private battle to remain sane when his only hope for happiness was ripped away as suddenly as it had been offered. Tense one minute, and tender the next, Lindsay is never sure if he'd be her salvation or her destruction. In the end the only thing that matters is that she loves him.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 28, 2002


There are none so blind as those who will not see. And Lindsey Witherspoon, used to capturing the world with her camera, to controlling the images that met her eyes, refused to see that the swamp was beyond her control.

The swamp that spread so tantalizingly beyond her door, beckoning with promises of beauty never yet captured on film, was in truth a place of darkness, a place where a woman had no business to walk alone, unprotected. Where the paths themselves seemed to shift and shiver. Where a woman who wasn't careful might find herself alone with...a man like Royce Blanchard. A man who had warned her that his last woman had come into the swamp...and died.


Swamp Secrets
by Carla Cassidy

Silhouette (Special Releases)
February 1, 2002
ISBN #0373511795
EAN #9780373511792
251 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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