"For the love of a highwaywoman?? . . ."

MIDNIGHT ANGEL OF BODMIN MOOR is the story of how pirate Adrian, Marquis of Ravenrook wins the love of the infamous Midnight Angel, who steals money only from the Redcoats while seeking revenge for her parents deaths.

Kara's father, an infamous highwayman, and his wife were murdered in cold blood leaving Kara and her brother to be raised by the town's Reverend. Kara and her brother Robert vow revenge on the men who murdered their parents and devise a scheme to bring about the enemy's demise. Thus, Kara becomes Angel, a masked highwaywoman who along with her other masked bandits, strike at night, robbing the red coats of their gold and leaving one of them with a parting kiss, while her brother buys a commission as a lieutenant in His Majesty's horse dragoons in London, hoping to find clues of their parent's murderer.

One night Angel enters an inn and encounters Adrian, just back in town and is instantly attracted to the handsome pirate. Adrian is equally enthralled and from that first exciting kiss, pursues Angel from the Bodmin Moor, to London, determined that he will have her. Adrian arrives in London after following Angel, and encounters his aunt's niece, Kara, a total opposite of his Angel in every way, which only makes Adrian all the more determined to find his love and stop the ghosts from haunting his dreams. But Angel proves more elusive than Adrian imagines. Kara is determined that Adrian will not know her secret until she fulfills her duty.

Adrian finally finds out his Angel's duplicity and takes her back to Cornwall and Bodmin Moor as his wife where she will be safe and free from her dangerous scheme. However, the Angel of Bodmin Moor has not seen the last of danger, for her enemy has followed her back to the scene of the crime that was committed 18 years ago.

MIDNIGHT ANGEL OF BODMIN MOOR captures your interest right from the start with the terrible crime committed 18 years before, to the satisfying conclusion, and the great love that develops between Kara and Adrian. The secondary characters were as intriguing as the primary ones, creating a thrilling story of good triumphing over evil in the end! A very thrilling read where the mystery was just as interesting as the love story! I can't wait to read more stories with these characters! Highly recommended!

Carol Wilson Copyright June 2002

Reviewed by Carol Wilson Carbaugh
Posted July 24, 2002


Karalyn Marshall has devoted her life to revenging her parents' deaths at the hands of a British officer. If that mean she must don the mask of a highwayman and rob every redcoat officer on Bodmin Moor, so be it. Nothing will prevent her from gaining her revenge. Adrian Warrick, Marquis of Ravenrook, has come home to Bodmin Moor to escape the ghosts of those his pirate past. But, his ghosts followed him home and haunt his dreams. Can a blue-eyed highwaywoman save Adrian's soul from its nightly torment? Can a rakish pirate transform Karalyn's thirst for revenge into love?


Midnight Angel Of Bodmin Moor
by Judy Mays

Wings e-Press
July 1, 2002
Available: July 1, 2002
ISBN #1590889096
EAN #9781590889091
401 pages
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