"Highly imaginative and richly detailed"

EMBRACING THE SKULL is a novel not unlike Stephen King's THE STAND. As with that well-known book, the world as we know it has changed dramatically. It is the very near future and Destiny Van Kampen and Brett Young live in a nightmare. A short third world war was followed by nature itself rebelling against man, with earthquakes, volcanoes, firestorms, and typhoons. As if that wasn't enough, many survivors suffer from plague, a chameleon virus preying on those already weakened by exposure and starvation. Driven to the point of madness, the healthy have turned on each other, taking sides in a battle of good vs. evil.

Destiny and Brett fight on the side of good. More than that, they are the final hope of good in the world, foundlings brought to Earth by benevolent aliens to aid humanity in its darkest hour. Their task is to collect 'keys', objects of power, and use them to open a portal to another world. One of these objects, the most powerful, is a crystal skull, activated when held by Destiny.

Evil aliens also exist and intend to thwart Destiny and Brett. The humans they control chase the pair throughout Western Canada, allowing us to see what has happened to that beautiful land. During their flight, Destiny must learn to control the power she holds and use it to save herself and others. Fortunately she has more than just the power of the skull and her alien brethren to help her - she has Brett's love.

In many ways more inventive than King's book, EMBRACING THE SKULL is a highly imaginative and richly detailed a cross between fantasy, science fiction, and romance. Very well written, it contains a lot of thrills with its many near escapes. In addition the story serves as a warning as to just how fragile our world is and how much we depend on the benevolence of nature. It is the first of a series of books in which it is hoped that Destiny and Brett will ultimately win the battle for Earth and save humanity.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted July 24, 2002


Blending elements of science fiction and the paranormal, the Destiny series explores the duality of good and evil set against two worlds, Earth and Nirvana.

A child of these worlds, Destiny van Kampen, a hybrid, must lead a besieged Earth from its nadir into a new era.

In the year 2004, directed by circumstance to meet her past and future soulmate, Brett Young, she begins to understand the daunting task awaiting her. In order to save Earth, she and Brett must open the portal, the celestial gateway that will allow salvation of the Earth's chosen. Facing opposition at every step from a world plunged into chaos, they have until midnight, December 31st to reach their destination.


Embracing the Skull
by Diana Kemp-Jones, Martine Jardin

Zumaya Publications
August 24, 2001
ISBN #1591090512
450 pages
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