"A Delightful Fantasy Romance kicks off new mer series"

Carla Cassidy kicks off a much awaited merfolk miniseries with MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.

It had been three years since Kevin Cartwright had been hired by the mysterious man he knew only as Loucan, to find four lost siblings separated in childhood. With only their first names, relative ages, and a description of the four sections of a metal seal that had been divided between them to go on, it had been like finding a needle in a haystack. He had finally gotten lucky when he'd glimpsed one of these pieces worn around the neck of Dr. Phoebe Jones, who had made the national news because she'd been part of a surgical team that had reattached a little boy's arm. Phoebe had been the name of one of the lost siblings, and she appeared to be around the right age as well.

Having learned that the busy doctor only took appointments during her lunch hour, Kevin had taken the red eye from southern California to Kansas City just to meet with her. Phoebe suspected that the appointment would be a waste of her valuable time, but when the sexy P. I. hinted that she might have a family, she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Phoebe had been a sickly child, raised in a variety of foster homes until she was emancipated at sixteen. She had no one to call her own. Her busy schedule didn't even leave her time to date. Finding her real family had been a cherished dream since she'd been two years old, and when Kevin described the heirloom necklace she'd worn since that time, she had the first real hope of realizing that dream. She is unsettled by her instant attraction to Kevin, but knowing that she might have a brother and two sisters had prompted her to trust him.

Kevin is touched by her sad tale and finds the shy surgeon more desirable than any woman he's ever known. He no longer had a family and hadn't dated anyone seriously in five years himself, not since he'd left the Chicago police force. But no matter how appealing he finds her, he knows that there is no chance of a future together. A woman like Phoebe deserved better than a coward like him. He would take her to find her destiny, then leave and never look back.

Kevin becomes even more involved when Phoebe's apartment is ransacked. He suspects he may have led the danger to her door, and when she is attacked walking to work the next day he is certain of it. Someone else is after Phoebe's necklace, and they don't care who they hurt to get it. Kevin knows in his heart that he'd never forgive himself if he allowed anything to happen her. He'd do anything he had to in order to keep her safe.

The race begins to get to California and the mysterious Loucan before the enemy catches up with them. Long days spent in a car, and even longer nights spent in shared hotel rooms, only serve to deepen the desire the two feel for each other. Where will it all lead? As Phoebe comes ever nearer to the ocean that both tempts and terrifies her, she gets closer and closer to learning an astonishing secret about herself and her long lost family. Kevin will learn something about himself as well. Will it bring them together or drive them apart?

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE is a delightful fantasy romance which begins to unravel a mystery that will have readers waiting impatiently for the next installment. The light sexual content make it suitable for teen/young adult readers as well. Find out about Phoebe's siblings in IN DEEP WATERS (Kai - Aug. 02) by Melissa McClone, CAUGHT BY SURPRISE (Saegar - Sept. 02) by Sandra Paul, and FOR THE TAKING (Thalassa - Oct. 02) by Lilian Darcy. I myself am particularly looking forward to Saegar's story since he is the only brother, and its been hinted that he is cursed.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 19, 2002


"You're the one..."

Shy, scholarly Dr. Phoebe Jones blushed when sexy private investigator Kevin Cartwright uttered those words. But when the handsome ex-cop explained she was one of four lost siblings he'd been hired to find, she nearly fainted headfirst into his strong, sculpted arms.

Yet someone else was also after the beautiful doctor and her heirloom necklace the key to her mysterious past. Suddenly she and Kevin were posing as lovers as they raced to the ocean to uncover the truth. But Phoebe's passionate response to "make-believe" kisses was anything but pretend...nor was her desire to hear the sworn bachelor say the most magical words of all....

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More Than Meets the Eye
(A Tale of the Sea - Book 1: S.R. #1602)
by Carla Cassidy

July 1, 2002
Available: November 4, 2006
ISBN #0373196024
EAN #9780373196029
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