"A Classic for a New Millennium"

Brilliant! DANEGELD tagged Susan Squires as an author to watch. SACRAMENT carried the promise of a rising new star on the romance horizon. With BODY ELECTRIC, Ms. Squires has arrived, as an author readers will want to put on their short list for must buy reads.

With a brilliant mind and a pretty face, Victoria Barnhardt had always been a square peg in a round hole. She hadn't even been able to win the love of her parents. Her father had pinned all his hopes on his second-born, a son, and she hadn't fit her mother's idea of the perfect daughter either. Vic had done what many in her position had done, she'd rebelled, become a bad girl. She had hit all the rave parties, done all the fad substances, indulged in mindless, anonymous sex where she could be in control, and had used her incredible mind to gain information that was owned by others. There wasn't a thing she couldn't do with a computer, a fact that had finally landed the infamous hacker in jail.

But Bob McIntire, owner of Visimorph (the future's answer to Microsoft) the world's biggest computer monopoly, saw uses for one such as Vic. That's what McIntire did, used people for his own gain, something that author/activist John Reston planned to put a stop to. Vic had encountered McIntire's arch-enemy quite by accident when she was forced to pass through his protestors to access the company. She'd been nearly crushed before Reston had shouldered his way through his supporters and rescued her. She'd immediately recognized Reston's true danger. He was the type of man that attracted her on many levels, a man who could make her care. He was also the kind of man who could see right through her, and that would never do.

McIntire had bailed Vic out of jail to build the ultimate computer security system for his company in order to thwart master hackers like herself. She'd done her job well, and had since moved on to other projects, but they didn't really interest her. Vic didn't fit in at Visimorph either. She was a female in a man's world, but as with her social life, she'd developed a persona to fit the bill. None of it mattered because Vic was about to reinvent herself. No, it wasn't her latest assignment that had Vic logging so much overtime. Vic was working on her own creation, and would soon give birth to the ultimate female program. The A.I. would be a better version of herself. Jodie would have none of the emotions, the chemical, or environmental influences that sabotaged flesh and blood females like herself. If only she could work out the last bit of code to bring Jodie to life.

While Vic ponders a solution to her latest difficultly, something miraculous happens. As unsolicited code flashes on her screen, Vic wonders if she might have been discovered. It didn't matter, Jodie was about to be born! With the stroke of the keys, she hits "Run program".

Whatever had been responsible for Jodie's creation, the program was more than Vic ever dreamed. Her artificial intelligence was alive, curious, with undreamed of emotions, ...and a mind of its own. Jodie reached out to Victoria tentatively, searching for a friend, hoping to be loved. Jodie was very afraid that he would disappoint her, because he'd already come to a startling conclusion that he was very definitely male!

Vic had felt the pain of non-acceptance her entire life, and after much heart searching realizes that she must accept her miracle for who he is. It isn't hard, because Jodie is an irresistible combination of high intelligence, absolute innocence, and pure devotion. It isn't long though before he begins to feel and lament his limits. It isn't just the limited capacity of the power source. Jodie is aware that he is different from Victoria, and longs to be "physical".

When the capacity of Visimorph's secret supercomputer, Neuromancer, suddenly diminishes drastically, McIntire suspects that Vic has been hiding a major breakthrough, and he's not about to let her get away with it. Soon it becomes imperative for Vic to get Jodie out of Visimorph, but she'd hardly imagined Jodie's solution. Jodie wanted a body, and he wanted Victoria. Soon Victoria was doing the unthinkable, transferring her beloved program into the brain-dead body of the one man who had the potential to stir her emotions. Had she created a monster, or set them both free?

BODY ELECTRIC is gripping, suspenseful, thought provoking, and very emotional...A classic for a new millennium! Jodie may just spoil us for all other heroes. The reader will be drawn in as Vic grapples with the age old dilemma of what designates life, and battles with her insecurities as she realizes that her creation is something...more. Susan Squires is destined to become a best seller. This is a highly recommended read.

Leslie Tramposch - Copyright 2002
For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 23, 2002


Victoria Barnhardt set out to create something brilliant. She succeeded beyond her wildest fantasies. With one keystroke her program spiraled out of control...and

something was born that defied possibility: a being who called to her.

He spoke from within a prison—seeking escape, seeking release, seeking her. He was a miracle that Vic had never intended. More than a scientific discovery, or a brilliant coup by one of the world's most infamous hackers, he was life. He was beauty. He was genius. And he needed to be freed, just as Vic needed to be released from the shadows of her past. The world might rise against them, but on one starry Los Angeles night, in each other's arms, they would find a way to have each other and freedom both.

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Body Electric
by Susan Squires

Love Spell
August 1, 2002
ISBN #0843950366
EAN #9780843950366
384 pages
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