"Hot and Humorous, A delightful new fantasy/time travel by this gifted author"

GEORGE AND THE VIRGIN is a wonderful example of one of my absolute favorite kinds of romance, humorous, and hot, hot, HOT! Readers who enjoy the works of Sandra Hill and Nina Bangs will love this new time travel by Lisa Cach. No stranger to the sub-genre, the author of THE CHANGLING BRIDE, BEWITCHING THE BARON, and OF MIDNIGHT BORN, throws in a bit of fantasy for spice, as a modern hero with metaphoric dragons to slay, trades them in for a real one and gets more than he ever bargained for!

George Arlington is a good hearted guy with a larger than life profession. He'd parlayed a theater degree into a lucrative career as the pro-wrestler known as "The Saint". As far as wrestling went he was one of the good guys, maybe even a role model, but lately he hadn't been feeling too good. True he was recovering from a job related injury, but it was the negative press he'd been getting recently that had really laid him low. His professional stunts weren't meant to be tried at home, but that is exactly what two young boys had done, and now their mothers were publicly holding George to blame for their injuries. George would never intentionally hurt a child, but he knew how these mother's felt. He'd have taken anyone apart who'd caused his niece, Gabby, harm.

He looked out for his sister Athena and her child, and they looked out for him. That is why George had succumbed to Athena's suggestion that hypnosis might help him recover his equilibrium, and bring him some peace of mind. There must have been some special magic in Athena's new crystal indeed, for the hypnotic trance sends George to a place and time that is far more real than a dream state ought to be.

In medieval Markesew, another woman is casting her spell with the very same stone. The appearance of "Saint George" is the answer to Emoni's prayers. A dragon slayer is the very thing she needs. Twelve years ago, she had watched helplessly as her best friend, Alizon, was escorted across the causeway to Devil's Mount. She'd been chosen in the annual lottery, the latest virgin sacrifice to appease the hunger of a demanding dragon. Eleven more had followed in her footsteps, and this year Emoni's own daughter, born in that year and named for her lost friend, would be eligible for the lottery.

Believing this all to be part of a waking dream, George sees the symbolism in his appointed task. Slay the dragon, solve his worries. No Problem! All he had to do was get past the old crone guarding the castle that housed the beast, and all his troubles would be solved. He hadn't counted on the fact that the crone was a beautiful and passionate young woman in disguise, or that his desire for her would be the true test of his resolve. She would prove much harder than a virgin-eating dragon to subdue.

Luck had been on Alizon's side all those many years ago. She had gone to her fate without looking back, but she had not wished to die. In the end her strength had won out, and the dragon had taken another. Now she was mistress of the Mount. Disguised as the crone, she had led the subsequent virgins away, giving them refuge and a livelihood. All these years she had reveled in the delicious irony of profiting from the sheep the villagers had valued more than their young women. The dragon had become her ally.

George and his good intentions would put an end to her fine arrangement, if he succeeded in his mission. But that was not going happen. She was intelligent and resourceful. She'd outwitted both the town and the dragon. She could easily outwit this foolish mortal of a man. That is if she could just fight her own growing attraction for him. The man was definitely not a saint, but Alizon imagined that heaven could be found in his arms.

Perhaps he isn't a saint, but Alizon is definitely the answer to George's prayers. As an outsider, he sees her situation much more clearly than he'd seen his own. He realizes, and strives to make her see, that she must put the pain of the villager's betrayal and her own vengeance behind her, if she's to become whole and have a life of her own.

Pure Pleasure! As George uses his wisdom, and his own formidable forms of persuasion, to convince Alizon to let her demons go, he realizes that he must let go of his own if this amazing fantasy is to become his reality. I highly recommend this entertaining and thought provoking tale.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 17, 2002


Sometimes, slaying the dragon is the easy part.

The medieval village of Markesew was besieged, its virgins demanded in tribute to a filthy dragon, so when St. George the Dragonslayer arrived from modern times -- in his silver pants and lace-up boots -- his task was clear. Being a professional wrestler didn't qualify him for the job, but a sword and imagination were all he needed... or so he thought, until he came up against the mysterious mistress of Devil's Mount.

Twelve years ago Alizon had been sent to die in the jaws of the serpent. Too tough for dragon teeth then, she'd never surrender to some foreigner in shiny hose now. She feared first for the secret world she'd built atop her mountain... but as St. George approached, Alizon realized it was not the dragon's armor he had come to pierce, but the scales around her own ferocious heart.


George And The Virgin
by Lisa Cach

Love Spell
June 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524899
EAN #9780505524898
384 pages
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