"A heart-warming and endearing tale"

A Warrior's Tournament becomes the turning point of a man's life and the beginning of a legend. A legend of a brother and sister who are to find true love in the most unlikely of places and with the most unlikely of partners. During the tournament Lord Thomas displays a moment of inherent integrity and captures the attention of Lady Evelyn. She offers a marriage contract that will save his family's estate in Alandale as well as hers in Silavale. Though an arranged marriage to a bride he has never met does not sit well with Thomas, he accepts the terms to ensure the future of his five sisters. But he doesn't count on meeting Lupa...or the passion that unfolds after she and members of The Pack save him from a kidnap attempt meant to thwart the wedding. Nor is he prepared to learn the beautiful warrior woman is his new bride.

Evelyn, on the other hand, is shocked to hear that Thomas did not willingly enter into the agreement. She offers him his freedom before their nuptials and is relieved when he chooses to go through with their marriage...and warmed by his delight that Lupa and Evelyn are one and the same. One thing is certain, life will never be boring for this pair.

Months later as Lady Evelyn nears the end of her pregnancy, Thomas's sister Emma is called in to help with the birth. Martin Landersom was taken with Lady Emma upon meeting her at her brother's wedding. He looks forward to her arrival in Silavale, to courting the prickly midwife, but can he break through her emotional barriers? The trained warrior is prepared for battle if love is the prize.

When Lady Evelyn is kidnapped before her delivery, Thomas, Martin and Emma must work together to save her from the man who would claim Silavale as his own—at any price, including Evelyn's death or that of her unborn babe. The trio scour the countryside to learn of Evelyn's whereabouts and The Pack is once more called into action, this time to save their former leader.

There are several words to describe this book, though none do it complete justice: fantastic, well-written, page- turner. I loved the adventure and the people, enough to lose a night's sleep to keep reading because I was so involved with this story. Janet Miller, if you're not working on a sequel involving others in The Pack, I'm begging you to start one now. I would love to see more of your characters come to life in the pages of a new book. This is a tale worth reading. It's heart-warming and endearing, starting with an arranged marriage from a young man's point of view and emerging with the story of two wounded veterans of love who must learn to let go of the past and trust in the future. This is one book I'll be purchasing as a 'keeper' and I look forward to more books from this author.

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Reviewed by Kathy Early

Reviewed by Kathy Early
Posted July 14, 2002


"In faraway Alanadon, so long ago
many mythic tales were told.
Of a brother and sister who found their own loves,
Though not as they were dreaming of.
Of evil ones that preyed upon the weak,
Of a lady warrior far from meek.
And of those who would protect with their life,
the Lady who carried another's knife."

A tale of two couples, 'Lady of the Knife' is set in the mythical Kingdom of Alanadon. Lady Evelyn needs a child to keep her estate and picks young Thomas to be the father. Martin, her best friend, has his own ideas of what he wants, namely Thomas's sister, Emma. But evildoers have kidnapped the Lady along with her unborn child. Martin, Emma, and Thomas must ride to her rescue, using every talent they have to discover her location. Will they be able to find her? Will they rescue her before the child is born? And, will Martin finally get Emma's attention?

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Lady of the Knife
by Janet Miller

Zumaya Publications
July 13, 2002
ISBN #1894869796
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