"Historical and futuristic romance all in one delightful package!"

Imagine this...You're minding your own business, walking the dog when you bump into Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious. The next thing you know, you open your eyes and you and your dog are 400 years in the past. What happened? Are you simply a raving lunatic as the people around you seem to believe? That is what Dr. Kari Lunne would like to know, because it has happened to her.

Meanwhile 800 years in the future Aidan Torrance, a historian who doesn't believe in rules, has just discovered the accidental side-effect his little shopping trip in the twentieth century has had. Now he has no choice but to sneak back in time once again and rescue the irritating woman.... all right, all right and the blasted dog too!

I thoroughly enjoyed Patricia Crossley's journey through the past and the future. The writing shows great flexibility in her ability to write in both time periods. I was particularly intrigued by her entirely too plausible vision of the future from the medical advances and change of speech patterns to the self cleaning floor tiles (I would love a set of those!). The two main characters are both very independent and both have their own agenda. Only by learning to compromise do they realize that perhaps their goals aren't so very different after all.

A JOURNEY'S END is both historical and futuristic romance in one delightful package. If you like reading time travel romances then this is a book for you.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted July 14, 2002


A time-travel romance novel with a difference. . . .

As she makes ready to leave London at the end of the twentieth century in order to fulfill her dream of practicing medicine in the third world, Dr. Kari Lunne and her dog are catapulted four hundred years into the past. . .

Can a doctor from the twentieth century find love and happiness with a maverick historian from the future when they meet in Tudor England?

Rating: Contains sexual content.

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Journey's End
by Patricia Crossley

New Concepts Publishing
July 1, 2002
ISBN #1586081667
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