"Exciting fourteenth century romance"

In 1340 King Edward orders Marcus of Anglesmore to marry a Welsh woman. In the garden one night, Marcus meets his fiancee by accident and they share kisses so that he now believes she is his reward. However, the next day Marcus learns that the woman who bewitched him in the garden is Nesta, sister to his betrothed Genith verch Llygad and Edward's whore.

Nesta knows that Marcus is trouble as she finds herself quite attracted to him. She keeps reminding herself that her loyalties must be to the Welsh rebels though she is also fettered to the English King. However, as much as neither one wants to feel an attraction, Nesta nor Marcus can stop the passion turning into love that threatens their lives if they fall prey to it.

Though Genith weakens the possibility of a historical triangle romance, fans of fourteenth century tales will fully relish this vividly colorful tale of love. The story line is filled with a taste for the era especially the impact of the monarchy on everyone else. Nesta is a lively individual straddling several worlds while Marcus knows what he wants, is willing to go out and get it, but has no idea how to succeed without alienating his beloved's family and His Highness. Fans of deep textured historical romances will believe that Madeline Hunter's latest novel STEALING HEAVEN lives up to its title.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 15, 2002


In a world of rebellion and intrigue, their love divided their hearts and loyalties.

Marcus of Angelsmore was not at all happy about being betrothed by the king to a woman he'd never laid eyes on. So when the brooding English knight accidently comes across her in a moonlit garden, he was both surprised--and delighted. Intelligent, charming, and beautiful, she was the most captivating woman he'd ever met. But the magic of that enchanted moment is soon shattered by cold reality: Nesta is not the woman he is to marry, but her sister. Of all the women Marcus might desire, none could be more dangerous than the wild and tantalizing Welsh witch with secret ties to both rebellion and king. For Nesta no one could jeopardize her plans more than a man who would know secrets of both her heart...and her body. Yet the course of their lives--and the destinies of their two nations-- will be forever altered as they defy everything to surrender to the most daring seduction of all...

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Stealing Heaven
by Madeline Hunter

July 1, 2002
ISBN #0553583565
EAN #9780553583564
304 pages
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