"A Gripping Romantic Paranormal Thriller"

Carla Cook is no stranger to dark, contemporary gothic style romances. Under her other pseudonym, Carla Cassidy, she was the author of several titles in the Silhouette Shadows line. Fans of this line (currently being reissued as Dreamscapes), and dark paranormal romances, will relish this new single title offering by a talented author.

Club Diablo, Manhattan

The Magician feared that he was losing his sanity. He had good reason to fear. His mother had committed suicide when he had been a mere boy. His father had suffered from a debilitating mental illness until his death a short time ago.

Lucas Connelly had been a carpenter then, a trade he had enjoyed, but his father's death had come with an unexpected legacy. Now wealthy, Lucas was able to indulge his other passion, magic. As a magician, he was second rate, but he had a steady gig, and he intended to work hard and change that.

Then the visions began to come, at first as nightmares. He had felt a sense of connection to the child who begged for his aid, a connection that went beyond this lifetime. Then it happened in waking, this time during a performance. Perhaps he was going insane, but he had an urgent need to find the child whose green eyes begged him to save her soul. This time he had a name, Gina Marlowe, and if he wasn't crazy he knew just where to find her. The need to do so was urgent. He sensed that Gina was to be the ultimate sacrifice to a malevolent entity.

Long Island, The Hamptons

Gina Marlowe had been afraid to go to sleep since the night of her sixth birthday, when she had first flown outside her body toward the voice that called her into the dark tunnel. She didn't want to follow that voice. She was afraid that if she did, she would never find her way back. Her mother, Kathleen, had thought it was a typical childhood fear, or perhaps a delayed reaction to Gina's father's sudden death, ten months ago. All that changed the night she discovered Gina not breathing in her bed. She'd rushed the child to the hospital. Her worst fears were realized when the defibrillator was rolled into Gina's room, but Gina had stunned everyone by reviving spontaneously. Numerous doctors and tests later, no explanation could be found for Gina's episodes. Kathleen, however, had been approached by two men who believed that they possessed key information regarding her daughter's illness. She had turned them both away. If she were to believe either of them, she would have to accept a dire fate for her daughter as well.

Keith Kelly, the reporter, had a personal reason for his interest in the case. His own young daughter lay comatose in a hospital after experiencing a series of episodes similar to Gina's. She had talked of flying outside her body, and her fear of the dark tunnel. Keith had documentation of similar cases, and believed that if they could help Gina, there was hope for the others. Kathleen didn't want to believe that there was a connection between the cases. Keith wouldn't rest until he had answers. What he turns up will shock and horrify them all.

Kathleen had rejected the Magician as well. Though he'd claimed to know what was happening to Gina, and swore that he alone could save her soul, she wanted none of his tricks. But Lucas now knew that he wasn't going mad. He also knew at first glance that he and Kathleen had tumbled through many lifetimes together, lifetimes of love, and devastating betrayal. He would wait for her to come to him, and prayed that it wouldn't be too late.

When Gina's episodes began to occur in the daytime, Kathleen found she would do anything to prevent her daughter from becoming the next victim, even if it meant allowing a stranger to move into her home to work with Gina. She had to trust someone. It wasn't long before she knew she was destined to love this man. Past history had set the odds against them. Had she made a fatal mistake, or would one man's magic wipe away lifetimes of pain?

THE MAGICIAN is a unique, and gripping, romantic paranormal thriller that will hold the reader in its thrall until the very last word. The reader will come face to face with true terror as the plot unfolds and the perpetrator of evil is revealed. Each will surely marvel at young Gina's fortitude, experience Kathleen's doubts and fears as well as Lucas's anger and despair, and shudder as they bear witness to the mechanizations of a true madman.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 9, 2002


Katherine Mayfield knows it is lunacy to allow Lucas Connelly into her home, to trust the magician who shows up on her doorstep in the dead of night. To save her mysteriously ill daughter, though, she would do anythingó even strike a deal with the devil. And staring into Lucas's mesmerizing eyes she wonders if she has. His intense gaze robs her of all rational thought, and his touch fills her with a passionate longing. Katherine does not know if she is swirling closer to goodness or evil, to salvation or damnation. But as the telltale hour grows near, she will have to decide whether to act with her heart or her headó whether she has discovered love or a grand illusion propagated by a master


The Magician
by Carla Cook

Love Spell
June 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524902
EAN #9780505524904
320 pages
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