"An exciting scientific thriller"

Paleoanthropologist Dr. Veronica Tremain is stunned when the FBI informs her that her brother Dr. Scott Ferris was tortured before being burned to death. Scott's girlfriend Dr. Amanda Alexander is also brutally killed with the same M.O. Around the globe, other scientists have been viciously slain too. The only non-scientist among the dead is Elizabeth Carter, employed by the Atlanta based Apostolic Evangelical Church of the Salvation. She was killed to prevent her from talking to FBI agent Joe Hanson about her boss, televangelist Billy Barnes Brown holding a list of twenty-five scientists including three murder victims.

FBI Agent John Ramsey investigates the Carter homicide while Joe continues to look into the dead scientists. Joe finds Veronica constantly in his face as she continues her quest to learn why her brother died. Veronica meets two associates of her sibling who also wonder and worry about the death of Scott. The trio accompanied by Abel, the son of Amanda and Scott, flee for their lives not knowing that it is the child's uniqueness that makes him the target of the murderous zealots.

RAISING ABEL is an exciting scientific thriller that uses genetic engineering as the underlying theme for a global conspiracy. The story line remains in high gear throughout the tale as even simplified scientific explanation is cleverly blending into the plot without stopping the action for a lecture. Though the final disclosure seems too insignificant for the murder count, readers will delight in the latest offering of W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 15, 2002


When Veronica Tremain's brother is brutally murdered, both she and the FBI try to make sense of a bizarre conspiracy that seems to be targeting genetics professors. While searching for secret papers her brother told her about in his last frantic telephone call before his death, Veronica meets three other people on the run from his killers: Bryce Johnson, who had been working with her brother; Rebecca Armely, a former research assistant in the genetics program; and little Abel, Rebecca's son, an unusual but very lovable child whom Rebecca would do anything-including die-to protect. Then Rebecca is killed, shot by a sniper whose apparent target was the child himself. Now Veronica, Bryce, and Abel are on the run, trying to figure out why one small boy should be so important to a band of killers who seem unstoppable.


Raising Abel
by W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Gear

Warner Books
August 1, 2002
ISBN #0446526150
500 pages
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