"Attraction between the two detectives provides a satisfying subplot to the mystery"

Chase Dagger is a private eye. He has a typical background for a P.I. - - former experience in investigations, martial arts training and lots of weaponry and the ability to use them. What he has that other private detectives do not are an articulate pet Macaw with a photographic memory and an assistant named Sara who shape-shifts into both a hawk and a wolf.

Dagger Investigations located in Cedar Point, Indiana in the region outside of Chicago doesn't usually handle high- profile cases of the rich-and-famous. But while doing surveillance on an adulterous spouse, Chase and Sara become involved in the five-year old case of the disappearance and death of Rachel Tyler, the young trophy wife of the very wealthy Robert Tyler. The twist is Sara sees Rachel Tyler killed while out in her hawk form. So who fell overboard five years ago and who was murdered in the here and now?

Chase is not one to let people get away with murder. He and Sara begin their own investigation and are later hired by Robert Tyler to find out what really happened to his wife.

Where there's money and murder, there are always lots of suspects, and such is the case in the Tyler investigation. Chase and Sara find that they need all their special training and abilities to survive the murderer's desire to cover his trail.

Lee Driver has created an eminently satisfying pair of detectives. Chase is a dark-haired hunk who is constantly fighting a battle between his need to protect the beautiful, naive shape-shifter or make love to her. The not-quite-as-naive-as-he-thinks Sara would welcome the attention of her protector, but isn't quite sure how to let him know. Plus there is the small problem of Chase's wealthy, sharp-clawed ex-fiancée still hanging around. The romantic (and sexual) attraction between the two detectives provides a satisfying subplot to the mystery. The secondary characters are fully dimensional and also add to the storyline.

I highly recommend this series and am looking forward to reading more of Chase's and Sara's adventures.

Moni Draper © June Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted July 8, 2002


The Tyler Family is one of the richest families in Cedar Point. Five years ago Robert Tyler's young wife disappeared off the family yacht. Was it just an accident? Her body was never found. Then one night Robert Tyler receives a desperate phone call from a familiar voice. But he dismisses it. Rachel couldn't be alive. Or could she?

Chase Dagger is a private detective with no past, a sometime fiancé, a scarlet macaw with a brain and an attitude, and a beautiful young assistant named Sara. Sara witnesses the murder of a woman whose identity she doesn't know, until she sees a picture of Rachel Tyler at the Tyler mansion. Rachel couldn't be dead again. Or could she?

Who would want Rachel Tyler dead? Robert Tyler had all the money he could want. Or did he? Eric Tyler had a fling with Rachel before she married his father. Now he is happily married to Edie Tyler. Or is he? Nick Tyler has the bulk of the Tyler looks and charisma and could get any woman he wants. He doesn't have a care in the world. Or does he?

Dagger seems to inherit the most unusual cases. To tackle these unusual cases requires unusual assistants. Einstein is a scarlet macaw with a photographic memory. Sara has extraordinary capabilities that allow her to go places and hear things no other human can experience. Together they are either the driving force behind Dagger Investigations or they are going to drive Dagger crazy.

The Good Die Twice is a unique tale of greed and betrayal with secrets that threaten to tear a family apart. A true masterpiece that will thrill mystery fans and fantasy enthusiasts.


The Good Die Twice
(A Chase Dagger Mystery)
by Lee Driver

Full Moon Publishing
October 8, 2000
ISBN #0966602153
292 pages
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