"Mix of romance and mystery with paranormal makes satisfying reading"

Level-headed security agent Bret Thornton gets chills and hears saxophone music when he drives past a deserted construction site. One night he sees an injured woman in white. He is shocked to recognize her as a recent acquaintance, Yvette and even more shocked when she warns of danger and just disappears. He doesn't believe in ghosts, but he knows he has just seen one and decides to stop to visit a friend for a needed drink. Bret has another shock when he finds that his friend Buzz has been dead for two years and the lady singer is Milly, Buzz's widow and twin sister of the ghost.

Milly's sister is missing and she has been having nightmares for a week that Yvette was murdered. After some persuasion, Milly agrees to join Brett in trying to find her sister. Their investigation leads them to the last friends who saw her alive, newlyweds Kit and Ronald. When his car is blown up, Brett knows the warning of danger needs to be taken seriously, much to Milly's frustration at the curb of her independence. Their mutual attraction can't be avoided with this enforced closeness, but Milly is determined to find justice for her sister before she allows herself to recognize love.

Those who enjoy romantic suspense and mystery will agree that this is a satisfying story. Mystery readers will figure 'who done it' but not the method or how to prove their suspicions. With this well written story, you will still keep reading and rooting for Milly and Brett as they face danger to find the proof they need to convict the murderer. Their family and friends are a full and enjoyable compliment to the story. Some even beg for their own story to be told. The mix of romance and mystery with paranormal elements works well to make this a story worth recommending.

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This review refers to the LTDBooks release: February 14, 2002 - ISBN #1553160940

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted July 6, 2002


Also ISBN: 1-59279-504-8 (Electronic)

Bret's well-ordered life is already off the rails when the lovely but bloody ghost confronts him on a dark, deserted road. His body is almost fully recovered from the attack that nearly killed him but his nerves must be in worse shape than he thought. Seeing ghosts?! He must be losing his grip on reality.

Milly spots the tall, attractive blond man the moment he steps into the piano lounge. As she spins her web of magic on the audience, she is intensely aware of the stranger's unwavering gaze. She doesn't realize she is woman Bret saw on the road - or is she?

Note: This book was previously published by LTDBooks


Ghost Of A Chance
by Dee Lloyd

Amber Quill Press
April 1, 2006
Available: April 1, 2006
ISBN #1592797393
EAN #9781592797394
e-Book (reprint)
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