"An Intriguing Tale of Mystery and Fate"

Stuck in traffic, Dr. Alec Edwards has reason to be relieved. He'd had no desire to attend the hospital fundraiser he was about to miss. Fate had more in store for him, as he would soon learn that there were worse terrors than being fixed up with the boss' insanely possessive the drunk driver coming in the opposite direction. The car careened over the barrier dividing the highway, and for a second Alec had been certain his number was up. Instead he'd escaped unscathed, the woman in the car behind him had not.

Pulling himself together his physician's instincts kick in. There is nothing he can do for the man who'd caused the accident, but the woman in the other vehicle was still alive, and some mysterious premonition tells him he is the only one who can save her. As Alec offers assurances, recognition lights in the woman's eyes. Her words echo the impression, "Its you" she says and tells him how much she's missed him, before she drifts out of consciousness. He is certain that he's never met her before, but his soul knows otherwise. As luck would have it Alec happens to be a renowned plastic surgeon, which affords him complete control over her care once they reach the hospital.

Danielle Morgan is aware that she's been badly hurt and is about to undergo surgery. She dreads it, for she knows the effect the anesthesia will have on her. She'd experienced that once before. She would relive the dreadful calamity of her past lives once more. Lives that had involved Alec Edwards, or at least his soul. In each life he had failed to be there when she needed him most, and each time she'd died. Alec had been there for her this time, but her travails have just begun.

When Dani doesn't rally as expected, following the operation, Alec is puzzled. His caring bedside manner quickly puts things to rights however, and soon Dani comes to rely on him. Alec finds it more and more difficult to see Dani as just another patient, and wonders that a practical man such as himself could fall in love so fast. As he ponders the ethics of their situation, Dani becomes inexplicably and seriously ill.

Alec refuses to leave her side, and by accident discovers the cause of her illness. It is unthinkable. Dani is loved by so many people, friends, colleagues, her students. Who would be trying to kill her?

Ms. Snodgrass does a wonderful job of pulling together the mystery, suspense, and romance as Alec and Dani fight to break the tragic pattern of the past and the dreadful fate that awaits them should they fail to discover the killer's identity in time. This tale is complex, full of ironic twists, and a villain is so crafty that the reader will be stunned at the lengths he or she will go to get Dani out of the way. With enough red herrings thrown in, I doubt if anyone will realize the killer's identity until it is revealed. Indeed this gripping plot will keep the reader on the edge of their seat until the last word is read.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 30, 2002


He has spent an eternity trying to protect and provide for the love of his life. Each time he has failed...miserably. Now fate has given them another chance. Will Alec Edwards and Dani Morgan learn from the mistakes of their past or repeat them all over again?


Another Chance, Another Time
by Catherine Snodgrass

October 1, 2002
ISBN #1553164865
EAN #9781553164869
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