"Reluctant Deputy Unlocks the Door to her Power for Justice and for Love"

HEAVEN AND EARTH is book two of the Three Sisters Island trilogy. It is Ripley Todd's story. For background see the reviews for DANCE UPON THE AIR.

Filled with rage and grief over the death of her sister, Air, the one called Earth swore vengeance on her destroyer. Justice would be served, and she would be the one to mete it out. The loss of Air had weakened the circle, and seduced by the power of darkness, Earth embraced it. The one called Fire could not turn her from her course. Earth turned her back on her family, and forswore her sacred vow to cause harm to none. She exacted her revenge, and in doing so, she sacrificed her soul and doomed them all. Her deed returned to her times three ... and then there was one. Left alone, Fire could not fight the darkness, but before she perished, she cast a spell of protection over the island for a century times three, at which time three new sisters of the blood would challenge the darkness for the last time.

Three Sisters Island - January 2002

Deputy Ripley Todd had inherited a strong sense of justice. That was the only part of the family legacy she was willing to embrace. In spite of her keen sense of responsibility, she would play no role in the fate of the Island beyond her regular duties as a law enforcement official. The results of her quick temper, and deep empathy for the pain of her loved ones, had already demonstrated her inability to control her power under duress. Behind her tough girl, in-your-face façade, she was frightened of what she might do with her gift. She had forsaken her abilities and denied her destiny a decade ago, and though she'd opened the door to aid Nell Channing in her battle of courage, she was determined to turn the lock on it once more.

Ripley was as different from gentle, compassionate Nell, as two women could be. She tackled everything with a vengeance, whether it was exercise, her job, or her love life. She had no trouble finding willing men to satisfy her, but she was always in control, and never got in too deep. She liked her solitude, or so she told herself, which brought her to her present dilemma. Her brother Zack, and Nell, had just returned from their honeymoon. They'd settled in to the family home, and Ripley was feeling like the proverbial third that made a crowd. It was for that reason only, that she'd gone to her former friend, Mia Devlin, hat in hand, hoping to rent the cottage that Nell had recently vacated. Unfortunately Mia had just rented it to another, a man who would soon turn Ripley's comfortable world upside down.

MacAlister Booke was a researcher of paranormal phenomena, the kind of man Ripley did her best to avoid. He'd been drawn to this island by legend and legacy. He'd thought his connection was to Mia Devlin, an acknowledged witch, but it was the prickly Sheriff, who was hiding more than her unruly powers, that captivated his interest now.

Ripley had no time for charlatans, and certainly had no intentions of allowing him to exploit Mia and Nell, let alone herself. Still, he was cute in a bookish sort of way. She would definitely keep an eye on him. Who would have ever thought that beneath the quiet, absent-minded, geeky façade, was the bod of a god, and a passion to match, or that his glasses, when he could find them, would really turn her on? (Picture Clark Kent with a scientific bent.)

Mac, who is far more astute than he appears, recognizes Ripley as a diamond in the rough, and in spite of the fact that she is in denial regarding her powers, he wants to get to know her much better. Their passion sizzles more than his equipment, and he suspects that he's fallen in love, but he harbors a secret of his own, and fears that she will reject him when he reveals it.

Ripley, a true Todd, knows her feelings for this man are irrevocable and lasting, but can she afford to make herself vulnerable again. Her challenge will be to exact justice without causing harm. If she opens the door to her heart, and lets this new emotion consume her, will her unwieldy powers destroy them all?

HEAVEN AND EARTH is a masterful and fitting companion to DANCE UPON THE AIR. Though these books are part of a series they could easily stand alone. The complexity of the characters is enthralling, and Ms. Roberts explores them in depth, making reader feel like they know them personally. In this story, Ripley comes off as a tough cookie, but she is probably the most vulnerable of the three women. She knows that her actions could destroy everything and everyone she loves, and would rather die than do that. She willingly locks up an integral part of herself to protect them. Although Mac is about as sweet and endearing as men come, he is definitely not a push over, and he tolerates no nonsense when it comes to the woman he loves. He doesn't allow her to put up walls, and tells her straight out that no matter how capable she thinks she is, he won't stand by and let her get hurt. One can't help falling in love with the two of them. I look forward to the conclusion of this series, which can be found in the FACE THE FIRE.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 25, 2002


2002 RITA Finalist

Number one New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts has enchanted millions of readers with her moving, intimate tales of friendships made and hearts lost, of legends, lovers and longing. Now, in the second book in her bewitching Three Sisters Island trilogy, she returns to the haunting shores of New England-and to the lives of three passionate, powerful women....

Ripley Todd just wants to live a quiet, peaceful kind of life. Her job as a sheriff's deputy keeps her busy and happy, and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them-which, lately, isn't all that often. She's perfectly content, except for one thing: she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her-and though she tries hard to hide them, she can't get them under control....

Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of MacAllister Booke-a researcher who's come to investigate the rumors of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island. Right from the start, he knows there's something extraordinary about Ripley Todd. It's not just her blazing green eyes and her sultry smile. There's something else. Something he can detect, but she'll never admit. Fascinated by her struggle with her amazing abilities, he becomes determined to help her accept who she is-and find the courage to open her heart.

But before Ripley and Mac can dream of what lies in the future, they must confront the pain of the past. For Three Sisters shelters centuries of secrets-and a legacy of danger that plagues them still....

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Heaven And Earth
(Three Sisters Trilogy: Book 2)
by Nora Roberts

Jove Pubns
November 1, 2001
Available: November 20, 2001
ISBN #0515132020
EAN #9780515132021
368 pages
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