"A romantic space adventure that grabs your attention and emotions"

Captain Tasha "Sass" Sebastian commands the Triad Huntership Vaxxar, but she is second in power to handsome, half-human cyborg, Admiral Kel-Paten. Although Sass believes Kel-Paten keeps a close eye on her because of distrust, her friend, CMO Eden Fynn suspects that Kel- Paten's feeling for Sass is love.

Their current mission is to capture Pirate Jace Serafino, a renegade telepath. Jace is beamed aboard the Vaxxar as his ship is destroyed in a space anomaly. Chief Medical Officer and empath, Doc Eden Fynn works to save his life and he is in a coma. Later she finds herself conversing with Jace through a telepathic link. Jace has a mission to save the universe from a traitorous faction that plans on destroying the new-found peace treaty. The animosity between Jace and Kel-Paten is bound to cause difficulties and Sass and Eden must use all their skills as well as their furzels to find a workable solution to their dilemma.

Not since Iris Johansen's WINDANCER trilogy (historical romantic saga) have I read a plot entwining 2 pair of heroines/heroes that worked so well together. From the beginning it grabs your attention and emotions. A second reading brought more points to my attention that I just took for granted during the first reading as I was SO involved in the story.

The lives of the four main characters interweave in this adventure building on the original friendship and trust between Sass and Eden. The friends relationships develop with men that are political enemies and Sass and Eden must find a way to work for the good of all. Kel-Patten grows in responsiveness as his human side begins to show through. Sass has earned her nick-name with the gamut of come-backs and commentaries that build the story intensity as well as show the incomparable writing skill of the author.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE is an outstanding sci-fi and romance and adventure -- some call it Space Opera -- that I highly recommend reading. Although satisfied with the story, the ending leaves us waiting for Part 2: COMMAND DECISION coming in 2003.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted June 16, 2002



Take one unorthodox space fleet captain, whose well-earned nickname is Sass, and her side-kick CMO, Doc Eden Fynn. Add evil aliens, a secret mission and a pinch of Jace Serafino, a very sexy pirate who knows more than he's telling. He just can't remember what it is he knows. Drop in a dose of Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, a handsome, lovesick half-human cyborg, who's also Sass's Commanding Officer. Mix well. Sprinkle liberally with trouble, toss through a time warp. Add two stowaway furzels and more evil aliens for spice. Heat and stand back. Anything could happen. Just about everything does.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE. Is this anyway to run a universe? Captain Tasha Sebastian's about to find out...



Command Performance
(Command #1)
by Linnea Sinclair

Novel Books, Inc.
April 1, 2002
Available: December 5, 2006
ISBN #1591050642
EAN #9781591050643
224 pages
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