"A complicated but entertaining fantasy intrigue with strong romance"

Angela Dawn has known and accepted her friend Boaz's special powers. Boaz, who was adopted, receives a message to meet a member of her birth family, Aunt Marrion, where she finally learns the truth about her heritage. She learns she has a sister, Lilith who is in danger and a brother, famous sculptor Jachin Morgan. The same Jachin that Angela has had a secret crush on.

Boaz, Lilith and Jachin were born in Sena, on Earth known as Avalon, and are wizards. The Triplets must come together to restore the balance of light and dark forces in the universe as told in the Prophesy. Although there is no place for a mortal, treachery brings Angela into Sena and she joins their quest.

Jachin has been dreaming of Angela and sculpting her and his sisters. He knows there are dark powers at work and worries about the darkness inside him. Although he tries to avoid and protect Angela from his darkness it seems her love may be the only one to help him face his inner demon and fulfill the prophecy.

Sci-fi and fantasy readers will appreciate the many plot twists and magical elements of the world of Sena. Romance readers will not be disappointed as the story has a strong romance plot balanced within the intrigues and battle between good and evil. This complicated but entertaining fantasy intrigue is easy to follow and you will find yourself so involved with the characters and story that you will read until the story ends. This is a 'must read' story for paranormal romance readers.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted June 16, 2002


Famous sculptor Jachin Morgan has just discovered that not only is he a wizard, but he and his two sisters are the Triad of an ancient prophecy. They must now travel from the mortal world to the wizards' enchanted isle to fight a battle with the evil Lord of Darkness. As wars rage in all the worlds, The Triad must come together to restore the balance of light and dark forces in the universe. Should they fail, The Darkness will forever rule all beings—faerie folk, wizards and mortals alike. But Jachin questions his worthiness. All his life he has fought the dark forces deep within him. What if he is no better than those he is commissioned to fight? His powers, once unleashed, could tip the scale in the wrong direction.

Angela Dawn is a mortal whose light heart, innocence and beauty are the antitheses of the darkness and cynicism that dwells within Jachin. Angela's passion and unconditional love weave a spell stronger than any Jachin has ever known. But that love jeopardizes his mission when The Evil One uses Angela as a pawn to bring Jachin's tormented soul to The Dark Side.

Will Jachin be forced to give up the only love capable of saving his soul? Can he conquer the darkness within himself to save mankind? Or will he lose everything under the light of the Wizard's Moon?


Wizard's Moon
by Rebecca Anderson

Imajinn Books
May 1, 2002
Available: April 28, 2002
ISBN #1893896625
EAN #9781893896628
336 pages
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