"plenty of fun in the conclusion and overall story"

THE GUNN OF KILLERNAN is a lively, well-written historical story set in Scotland. For reasons of his own, twelve-year old Derek's grandfather, the current Gunn, leader of the Killearnan clan, has betrothed his grandson to the newborn daughter of a neighboring Earl. He then sends the boy off for fostering, to keep those who wish the boy harm from success. Eighteen years later, Derek, now better known as the "Beast of Battle" returns to Scotland to claim his bride, something he must do before his thirtieth birthday or risk losing the title of Gunn to his cousin. He has other problems as well, since he is being hunted by the "Covenanters" who want to see him hang. The girl, Catriona, hasn't had the easiest of lives, and doesn't wish to substitute a monster of a father for a beast of a husband, and so runs away. Of course, they wind up hiding out in the same secluded cottage leading to the cute first meeting.

Cat's character was reasonably well defined, even if her dialect seemed to slip in and out. In the beginning, she spoke as a Scotswoman but by the end of the book she was using phrases like "You are quite the little philosopher."

The hero had one serious failing. For some reason he never seemed able to defend the heroine, even when she is beaten. Instead, the situation is played as comedy. That was okay, but I really wanted to see her father get a taste of what he was handing out. After that, Derek seemed conciliatory enough, and he did try to make sure his badly hurt bride didn't die from her injuries. But even so, there didn't seem to be the kind of "sparks" you expect to find between a hero and heroine. But there was plenty of fun in the conclusion and overall, I rather liked this book. The writing was very good, the author perfectly capable of telling a good story.

Janet Miller Copyright 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews
originally published @ Amazing Authors Showcase

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted June 15, 2002


Set in Scotland of 1650, GUNN tells the story of two people who are caught up in a war, a relationship neither desires, goals and ambitions, spiced with treachery and danger, which, in turn, makes them slaves to their passions.

Because of his mother's lies, Gerek Gunn does not trust women. So when he runs smack dab into a fiery little lassie poorly disguised as a lad, he knows better than to believe a word she says. Even if she is intriguing. Still, Gerek has one goal, to become "The Gunn of Killearnan". And no once will get in his way.

Catriona McFarr escapes her cruel father and brothers and thinks she has foiled them when she runs into the biggest, most handsome man she's ever seen. Knowing all men must be like her family, she doesn't trust this man. Still he might be better than returning to wed her intended, The Beast of Battle. Anything would be better than that. Catriona fights for her independence at every turn.


by Dorice Nelson

Novel Books, Inc.
September 30, 2001
ISBN #1931696985
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