"characters had me doubled over laughing out loud!"

Rick Orlando, reporter for the Albany Times isn't pleased when his boss tells him that he has to cover a romance convention and interview some writers. After all he considered his self to be a serious journalist... and as far as he was concerned romance writers weren't serious or newsworthy! He had never read one of those "silly" romance books before, but his mother had them scattered throughout the house. Hmmm, maybe he could send her to cover the romance convention for him!

But all of this is about to change once Rick meets best- selling author Lace Kincaid. He rings her up at her hotel and they arrange to meet on Saturday so he can get some background information done before the convention.

For weeks now Ashley (Lace) has been suffering from writer's block, nothing came to her. She sat in front of her computer with her head down as tears of disappointment overcame her. She knew what her problem was, why she couldn't write. It was hard to write happy endings, when she no longer believed in them herself.

For the last five years she had written romantic fantasies for other women while her own life had been nothing but a frustrating series of broken relationships... most recently she had found out that her fiancé Steve was cheating on her. Just two months before the wedding, she surprised him at his office to find him conducting business in the "Nude" with his secretary!

Since then she had had her share of the dating scene, but none of the men ever quite measured up to the characters she wrote about in her books. Real men just could not compete with the wild sensual men that swept their heroines off their feet, whispering words of love... But then she had not met Rick Orlando yet.

Ahh yes, Rick! The reporter who thinks romance writers are not serious or newsworthy material. HA! Well, he just so happens to pickup one of Lace Kincaid's books just to scan through it to take down a few notes for the interview, and before he realizes it, he has read three quarters of the book. He'd become so caught up in the story, captivated by the characters that jumped from the pages. When he closed his eyes he could envision the heroine, her hair blowing in the breeze as she stood on the moors watching, waiting for the return of her lover. Now he looked forward to meeting the author of this book. Lace Kincaid. He smiled and wondered, what kind of imagination fueled such fire and passion. What kind of woman turned every day words into magic? He hoped she was a Redhead!

Linda Bleser has done it again! I loved reading this story; her characters had me doubled over laughing out loud. All I can say is get out your scorecards so you can keep up because you are definitely in for an adventure. This is a Romantic comedy that you won't want to miss. Did I forget to mention that there is a sexy hot cover model! I can hardly wait to see what this diverse writer comes up with next. I highly recommend you read A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN. I guarantee that you will still be smiling and laughing as you turn the last page!

Charlene Smith © Copyright May 2002
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted June 15, 2002


Romantic Times Magazine
Captivating attraction, quirky humor, and the quintessential of all twin tricks lay the foundation for this lively read.


A Little Piece Of Heaven
by Linda Bleser

Novel Books, Inc.
April 30, 2002
ISBN #1591050308
157 pages
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