"Land and Sea, Love and Duty, vie for the attention of a Selkie Hero"

As shapeshifters go, I have to admit I have a soft spot for selkies. I like other shapeshifters as well, as the element of danger can be very exciting. However, the reason I like selkies is their innocence. Emerging into human form into a complex society without clothing does tend to make a man vulnerable. A lady can't help but want to take him under her wing. This tale is more sweet than steamy, but I liked it all the same.

Synopsis: Our hero, a silkie (about 25 yrs), is summoned to the undersea Citadel by his ailing father. His father fearing his death is imminent wants his family around him. The elder son Eideard had assumed his human form 2 years ago and entered the world of the land dwellers seeking insight into their nature as a way of saving the silkie clan from extinction at the hand of the humans. He has not returned. Our poor hero Torcuil, it seems suffers from middle child syndrome, is neither the esteemed heir or the beloved baby of the family. Although he adores the sea and despises the land, he volunteers to go forth to find his brother and bring him home. In this way he hopes to find favor with his parents. Instead he finds the affection he has always wished for in the arms of a dreaded land dweller.

The heroine and her father are the targets of an assassination plot, and Torcuil intervenes on their behalf, in return they offer to aid him in his search for his brother as poor Torcuil is hopelessly lost in London and less knowledgeable in the ways of humans than he thought. An assorted cast of magical creatures aid Torcuil, unbeknownst to the heroine, Verity. Verity is a lovely young woman who has many suitors but much to her father's chagrin she has found none to her liking. She wants a man who needs her. Although Torquil is unusually strong and protective there is so much she can teach him. His innocence appeals to her. Naturally he struggles with his love for the sea and his love for this land dweller. Just as his desire to stay with his soul mate wins out. He finds his brother, already married to a land dweller and unwilling to return to take his rightful place as heir. Duty wins this time and Torcuil returns home. He can't forget his love though and so of course there is a happy ending.

March, 1999
Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 7, 2002


He Brought Her Wonder

. . .This towering man of uncanny strength and astonishing beauty, who leapt out of the stormy night to save Verity and her father. Naked, wild, and powerful, he was a warrior from a place that time had forgotten.

She Brought Him Love

. . .When he stepped from his ocean world into hers, Torcuil MacCodrum was on a quest to find his brother. He didn't want to stay, couldn't stay, couldn't fall in love with this beautiful woman.


Storm Prince
by Terri Lynn Wilhelm

July 1, 1997
Available: July 1, 1997
ISBN #0061083844
EAN #9780061083846
434 pages
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