"a very enjoyable book - I loved the use of magic"

It actually doesn't concern Wiccans but a family of sorcerers descended from Merlin. The daughter of the family, Miranda, is the oddball, quite without power. Because of this no male mage has wanted to marry her. She was presented to the ton, but because of rumors about her family (and one unfortunate occurrence between a forward gentleman and her mother's familiar), the "normal" men are wary of her also.

Then along comes Adam, Lord Brand. Subject by his father to all sorts of fake mediums and magicians from an early age, he has learned all their tricks and he takes it upon himself to expose all their fakery. Miranda is also very good at figuring out how the fake mediums work, since she knows how it's really done. Because of this he likes her even though he thinks her family is a group of charlatans who have led their daughter to believe some very silly things. Only, strange things start happening when he's with them that he can't quite explain away. And he starts feeling the very real magic of love.

I loved the use of magic in this book. The characters were so matter of fact about it that it seemed very real. It also followed a pattern; no one suddenly had powers to pull everyone out of a dangerous situation. The dialogue is sharp and witty. The descriptions of spiritualists from this period is wonderful (though I'm not sure they were really this popular in the Regency period; seems like more of a Victorian thing to me). The heroine is smart and independent, though a little slow on the uptake about Adam's feelings. That was natural though since her family had been inadvertently designating her as a second class citizen for many years. It was a very enjoyable book. And there's a sequel, about Miranda's brother Damien who is a very powerful mage (Lord of Illusions).

Shelly Raines /April, 2001
Copyright 2001

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 7, 2002


Miranda Wilton casts her spell over a swarm of suitors, but the arrogant Lord Adam Brand refuses to respect her powers or her illustrious family, and performs his own magic on Miranda's heart.


The Would-be Witch
by Rita Boucher

January 7, 1997
ISBN #0451190785
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