"Magical Star Sapphire threads through time bringing magic to each story"

I always liked stories where there was an element continued in the next story as with this book's magical Star Sapphire and LOVE'S LEGACY's magical book. It is like having a sequel within the same book. Each story stands on it's own; so they do not have to be read in order to be enjoyed. Reading just one left you wanting to read more of this magical gem's history. I was most impressed with Jo Beverley's story as I had never thought of the effects historically of religious attitudes and the millennium and this was a new perspective for me. The other stories were enjoyable and I would recommend reading this book. It is not "dated" even though the coming of 2000 is past. The blurb gives the legend and the stories compliment each century.

THE LEGEND: "As they followed a star from the East, the ancient Magi of the Christmas Story carried with them a beautiful star sapphire -- blessed with the eternal power of love. Through time, a legend evolved about this precious gem. Each Christmas, as a new century is about to begin, the sapphire will mysteriously come into possession of a woman in need of guidance... and love. Like a magical beacon, it shines the light of love and the promise of joy onto the lives of all it touches, offering the gift of hope for the new century..."

Jo Beverley's "Day Of Wrath" is set 999 a.d. England. Wulfhera of Froxton wasn't sure what she feared most... the coming of the Dane pirates or the coming of Christ. Just because the thousandth year was coming doesn't mean the Apocalypse. When mother superior sent the novices away for their safety from Danes, Hera decided to go home instead. What she found was her father near-fatally injured and her sister determined to go to Torkil the Dane who conquered the neighbors holding. Her secret love for her neighbor Raef was what had originally sent her running to the convent. She set about doing her part to set the castle right. While she worked, Hera sang the "Song of Magi" and another finished the tale by telling of how the Star of Magi was swallowed by a fish. Imagine Hera's surprise when she cleaned a fish and found golden pendant with a blue stone in the center. Can the Star Sapphire help? Will she finally win Raef's heart and can her sister and Torkil find love?

Alice Alfonsi. "Starlight Wedding" is set in 1799 England. Honorable Miss Felicity Fairchild cursed society. Why do people feel the need to be cruel? She could not blame Mr. Drury for his decision to break with her after her confessing her possible barren state, but the gossip and speculation of her being "Drury's leavings" made a possible future match all but impossible. She contemplated this as she strolled the shoreline of Bath; her boot snagged and she stumbled on a tangled piece of fishing net. Beneath it was a roughly made piece of jewelry. Would she also stumble upon the hidden treasure of true love?

Tess Farraday. "Last Kiss At The Loving Cup Saloon" 2 days before Christmas, Katherine became a proxy mail- order bride to Colin Stark. Joe wouldn't actually call it kidnapping... it was more of a treasure hunt. She'd see it as a good cause as soon as she sets eyes on the children deserted in the old saloon. If after she saw the children and the cruelty of Colin Stark, if she want to go on with the marriage, well, she could just go to him. He never figured on falling in love with her.

Kate Freiman. "Joy To The World" The news of her brother Matthew's death coming at this time of the year made it doubly hard for Angela. Joshua Davidson, Matthew's friend, was a help as well as Lucien Drake, Matthew's secretary for the McMichaels foundation for which her and her brother were responsible. Finding the foundation short over five hundred million dollars and her brother framed left her with only 2 suspects... both claiming to care for her. What she needed was a miracle... not worry about computer bug wiping out the records that would prove her brother's innocence. Who should she trust with both her heart and her brother's reputation?

Cy Korte Copyright September 2000
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted June 7, 2002


This holiday collection for the millennium offers joy, hope, and romance from writers Beverley, Alice Alfonsi, Tess Farraday, and Kate Freiman. On the very first Christmas, the Magi carried a beautiful star sapphire that has inspired an unusual legend. Each Christmas, as a new century is about to begin, the sapphire will mysteriously come into the possession of a woman in need of guidance and love.


Star Of Wonder
by Jo Beverley, Alice Alfonsi, Tess Farraday, Kate Freiman

October 1, 1999
ISBN #0515126535
EAN #9780515126532
368 pages
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