"An-ket will not rest until destiny has been met"

England, 1848 Dr. Simon Archer is an Egyptologist whose fame had just gone up another notch with his latest discovery. Quite by accident, Simon had stumbled upon the tomb of the lady An- ket. Well not quite by accident. An-ket has a reason for not joining the great beyond, some unfinished business to attend to.

Simon is content with his work though at times it is quite lonely. However the last thing on his mind is acquiring a wife. Simon views women as frail flowers; needing a man's hand to guide them. He should know being the brother of three younger sisters. Even his widowed mother had become quite dependent on him fordecisions since his father's death. At any rate a young woman of quality would never be able to tolerate the primate nature of the perils of Egypt.

Simon does however have a soul mate of sorts. An "elderly woman' with whom he corresponds. Miss Hanson is quite remarkable in fact. The woman is a self-taught translator of hieroglyphics among other languages. Her shared interest in his work has gotten him through many a difficult moment. Out of courtesy, he had invited her to attend the exhibit of his latest find.

Simon truly does not expect the elderly lady to make the journey though the thought makes him somewhat sad. But he is thrown completely for a loop when he discovers that the lady did indeed make the journey but that she was not at all the way he envisioned her.

Julia is young and attractive, and Simon dismisses her immediately for a liar and a schemer. After all he knows woman and this young lady just cannot be the expert she claims to be.

Simon has a nemesis, a spiritualist who takes advantage of people's grief by promising to contact their late loved ones. Simon has no tolerance for such bunkum, and especially since his own mother had becomeinterested. Could this woman be in league with the rogue?

Julia is not to be thwarted and sneaking into the exhibit on her own has a shocking experience. She along with a cleaning woman is accosted by a thief. Just as the thief threatens to do the unthinkable to Julia, lightning strikes leaving little trace of the man's existence. If that were not startling enough the cleaning woman now has a proud bearing and a cultured voice. Has An-ket been awakened?

Indeed she has, and Julia is a true believer, unfortunately Simon will take some convincing especially when An-ket keeps inhabiting different beings and never in Simon's presence. It doesn't help that Simon has discovered Julia's plan to marry him, in order to live her dream of traveling to Egypt and digging for artifacts first hand. Yet he is drawn to the woman, and in his secret heart he relishes having his soul mate in his life. No way is he taking her to Egypt though.

An-ket has other plans, for she does indeed have unfinished business with Julia, Simon, and one phony spiritualist and she will not rest until their destiny has been met.

There were some really funny moments as Simon is shaken from his stereotypical ideas, and An-ket finds unique ways to thwart the bad guys. All in all a light and amusing read.

Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 7, 2002


A young woman tries to win the heart of an archaeologist with the help of the spirit of an ancient Egyptian princess.


Splendid You
by Lynn Bailey

June 1, 2000
ISBN #0515128686
EAN #9780515128680
304 pages
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