"This book is for anyone who loves action, romance, cute furry creatures and heroic men & women"

Those of you who have read any of Linnea Sinclair's (aka Megan Sybil Baker) books know that she writes action- intensive plots that hit the ground running and capture your attention. Her characters are three-dimensional; they reach and hold the reader's attention and emotions immediately. Ms. Sinclair's worlds are always superbly delineated. You'll be happy to know that COMMAND PERFORMANCE is another such book.

Captain Tasha Sebastian or Sass as she is known to her close friends is Captain of the Triad Huntership Vaxxar. Her superior officer, Admiral Kel-Paten, is a half-human cyborg, who at one time was her enemy. Unknown to Sass, Kel-Paten made sure she was assigned to his ship after the peace treaty was signed. He wanted to keep his eye on her for personal reasons. All Sass knows is that Kel-Paten sticks to her like glue, and she suspects that he does not truly trust her.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Vaxxar is Dr. Eden Fynn, a long-time personal friend and shipmate of Sass. It is Eden to whom Sass confides her inner-most secrets, although it would be hard to keep them from the beautiful doctor since she is a telepath besides being an empathic healer. Eden fears anyone in the Triad knowing of her extra-abilities, since those in the Triad fear telepaths.

Other than the usual problems of traveling in space and the constant, often tongue-in-cheek bickering that goes on between the independent Sass and the seemingly humorless Kel-Paten, life on the Vaxxar runs pretty smoothly for a ship peopled with former enemies.

The trouble begins when the Vaxxar rescues the space pirate, Jace Serafino, while trying to survive a space anomaly. Was it coincidence the two ships hit the hole in the universe at the same time or not? Whatever it is, Jace has a mission to save the universe from traitorous factions. He convinces Sass and Eden that he is a good guy. They make the decision to help him during the transfer to the space station where Jace is to be questioned. Of course, the trio does not include Kel- Paten in this plan. Kel-Paten hates and distrusts the space pirate.

As the foursome and two stow-away furzels head for the space station, they are attacked. They manage to escape but end up thrown into an unmapped section of the universe. There they soon find themselves stranded on a backwards planet where they hope to find enough fuel to get back to the Vaxxar. They soon find that being lost is not their only problem - - a great evil has been handling the strings of the foursome's fate.

Wow, what a story! Kel-Paten is a hunk, I don't care that he has circuits. And Serafino is not too shabby either. And I love the furzels. This book is for anyone who loves action, romance, cute furry creatures, hunky heroic men and women who know how to keep them in line. Several of the characters, animals included, have paranormal powers which add to the storyline in an absolutely believable way. Ms. Sinclair had better be writing the sequel -- and fast.

Monette Draper aka Monette Michaels Copyright 2002
for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted June 7, 2002



Take one unorthodox space fleet captain, whose well-earned nickname is Sass, and her side-kick CMO, Doc Eden Fynn. Add evil aliens, a secret mission and a pinch of Jace Serafino, a very sexy pirate who knows more than he's telling. He just can't remember what it is he knows. Drop in a dose of Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, a handsome, lovesick half-human cyborg, who's also Sass's Commanding Officer. Mix well. Sprinkle liberally with trouble, toss through a time warp. Add two stowaway furzels and more evil aliens for spice. Heat and stand back. Anything could happen. Just about everything does.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE. Is this anyway to run a universe? Captain Tasha Sebastian's about to find out...



Command Performance
(Command #1)
by Linnea Sinclair

Novel Books, Inc.
April 1, 2002
ISBN #1591050898
EAN #9781591050896
224 pages
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