"Romantic horror-a great combo"

Ten months ago, six-year-old Gina Marlowe's father died so when the little girl had trouble sleeping her mother Katherine is not surprised. However, Gina fears that in her sleep she will enter the dark tunnel and never return. Katherine panics when she enters Gina's room to find her daughter not breathing. Not willing to wait for 911, Katherine rushes Gina to the nearby hospital where miraculously the youngster awakens with no apparent physical effect.

Magician Lucas Connelly senses an evil that he knows he must fight though he does not comprehend why him or the identity of his foe. Lucas realizes that he must protect Gina, but when he approaches Katherine, she rejects his premise that her daughter is in grave danger from a malevolent force. Still Katherine finds herself falling in love with Lucas, which reinforces her doubts that this man might be the evil out to destroy her beloved child.

THE MAGICIAN is a spellbinding horror tale that contains a secondary romantic subplot. The story line is filled with action from the moment the beleaguered mom realizes that her child is near death till the finish as Lucas struggles with rage and his past lives relationships with Katherine. The characters make the tale as the audience will believe in the wicked villain and the reincarnation of the lead couple as well as the metaphysical attack on Gina. Carla Cook conjures up a strong thriller that will charm the paranormal crowd.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 5, 2002


Katherine Mayfield knows it is lunacy to allow Lucas Connelly into her home, to trust the magician who shows up on her doorstep in the dead of night. To save her mysteriously ill daughter, though, she would do anythingó even strike a deal with the devil. And staring into Lucas's mesmerizing eyes she wonders if she has. His intense gaze robs her of all rational thought, and his touch fills her with a passionate longing. Katherine does not know if she is swirling closer to goodness or evil, to salvation or damnation. But as the telltale hour grows near, she will have to decide whether to act with her heart or her headó whether she has discovered love or a grand illusion propagated by a master


The Magician
by Carla Cook

Love Spell
June 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524902
EAN #9780505524904
320 pages
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