"A very romantic epic fantasy"

For millennia the Magore ruled the world with humanity serving as slaves to whatever whims the Goblins had. The power rested in jewels that enabled the Goblins to rule with an iron fist. Mankind, tired of its servitude finally overthrew their oppressors. Almost every Magore was killed and the few survivors fled in exile into the shadows.

Fifteen hundred years after the successful uprising, the world consists of a hundred or so kingdoms, duchies, and principalities while the Magore have become mythical creatures that never existed. However, those who endured the purge plan to regain what they lost by having a Goblin princess marry a human king in order to recover the jewels of power. Only a brave few including Captain Wilrovan Krogan (he converses with ravens and his wife Lillian (a sorcerer-physician), stand in the way of success.

The world of this epic fantasy is Renaissance Europe complete with intrigue, political in-fighting, and scholarly learning. The characters are three dimensional and believable within a colorful complex story line. The numerous subplots cleverly tie back to the main theme yet leave some threads so readers can expect a sequel from Teresa Edgerton, a future force within the fantasy genre.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 7, 2001


The ensorceled gems that once held all humans in sway now power a hundred small kingdoms, but the monarchy of Mountfalcon is suddenly in dire peril. For the Queen has unwittingly lost the realm-sustaining, jeweled Chaos Machine - a catastrophe that could tear the kingdom apart. Captain of the Queen's Guard, Wilrowan Blackheart has been entrusted with the Machine's recovery - an undertaking that slowly reveals a horrific conspiracy spreading far beyond Mountfalcon's borders, as the deposed Maglore plot to reduce the unsuspecting human world to rubble and flames. But unbeknownst to him, another has also embarked on the same mission: a determined crusader of strength and substance...the only woman Blackheart has ever loved, but can never possess.


The Queen's Necklace
by Teresa Edgerton

July 1, 2001
ISBN #0380789116
EAN #9780380789115
592 pages
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