"A pleasure to see this world return in all is glory"

Sanctuary has a long history of war, but to the residents of today that is in its glorious and ignominious past. The heroes and villains are dead with one exception Lord Molin Torcholder, keeper of the secrets. However, he too nears the end as evil has returned and mortally assassinated him.

Before he dies, Molin must name his successor and transfer his power and secrets to this individual so that Thieves' World regains its equilibrium. Molin depends on Cauvin and preadolescent Bec aided by Soldt to complete his quest. However, their enemy Dyareela, the Mother of Chaos, is a powerful opponent seemingly stronger than the dying Molin and his trio of saviors as her followers are growing rapidly.

SANCTUARY is an exciting Thieves' World entry that is more for long time fans though a newcomer with perseverance and stamina will relish the full effect of the tale and want to read the myriad of sword and sorcery anthologies and novels previously published. The story line is loaded with action yet contains strong characters, especially Cauvin and Bec. Though the history lessons of this realm provide background material for the novice visitor, it slows down the impact of the plot for the experienced traveler. With patience, new and old readers will enjoy Lynn Abbey's latest Thieves' World journey.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 30, 2002


Thieves World, the bestselling (and first!) shared-world phenomenon, returns with an epic novel of the fate and history of the infamous city of SanctuaryEmpires rise and fall but the city of Sanctuary trudges on.he Age of the Rankan reign of Kadakithis, the occupation of the Beysib, and indeed the erstwhile Renaissance are all in the past. But the memories of the glory, savagery, and intrigue still live on. It is years later and the heroes of the past, Jubal, Tempus, Shadowspawn, and the Storm children are consigned to the ranks of fallible memory, myth, and rumor.A lone survivor of the past, Molin Torchholder, is preparing to die in hiding, the victim of an assassination attempt by enemies long thought to be dead. But before he dies, he must arrange for a successor to guard the citys secrets. Cauvin, a refugee from one of the citys bloodiest eras, and a boy named Bec are enlisted to do Molins bidding and thus uncover the secrets of the past, present, and even the future of the legendary Thieves World.Part tale of magical/political intrigue, part sword and sorcery, part Micheneresque fantasy epic of a citys history, Sanctuary is the book that Thieves World fans have been anticipating for more than a decade, part Coda to the past, part launching port for the future.

Genre: Fantasy


by Lynn Abbey

Tor Books
June 1, 2002
Available: June 1, 2002
ISBN #031287491X
EAN #9780312874919
480 pages
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