"Hillarious Tale of Alien Possession"

The morning Maryellen Caswell woke up, and realized that the pleasant baritone voice she was hearing was coming from her own mouth, she thought she was dreaming. When her hand began a curious exploration of her own body, against her will, she thought she was having a nightmare. But when the voice began to bemoan his fate, in words she'd never used before, she was sure she'd lost her mind.

Sure she was sharing her body with an alien. Right. Still he had a pretty convincing story. He claimed to be one Sub-commander Ur Targon from another solar system, and he was not happy with his destination, nor the host body he'd been projected to. A female, for Pete's sake! A "Styrex Three" female no less. How he hated that backward planet.

If this was the boys at Intergalactic Travel's idea of a joke he wasn't laughing. He's not about to believe this was a simple snafu, more like deliberate sabotage. Someone was going to pay dearly for this outrage! His enemies had better beware. First things first. He needed to find a more suitable host body, and fast.

In an effort to enlist Maryellen's aid, he manifests himself. He is clearly humanoid, and just as clearly an alien. His species had evolved to the midpoint between a corporeal nature and one of pure light energy. In other words he glowed. It was beautiful, golden. He was beautiful, but due to the pollutants and other poisons in the atmosphere he wasn't able to survive long without a host body to inhabit, preferably one that he wouldn't have to share with the owner. The "Styrex Three" female would just have to help him find a suitable one.

No way was Maryellen going hunting for a hunk who was on the verge of death, just to please her hallucination. Surely her sister would know what to do to end this nightmare. Her sister, however, is convinced that Maryellen has been working too hard and dating too little. She doesn't believe there is an alien at all, but sends her to a renowned psychiatrist who is maybe just a bit too willing to believe her tale. He not only believes in the alien, he wants to meet him! Time for plan B. Okay so maybe she could look for dying bodies after all!

The next thing they know, they are being pursued by the FBI, and the CDC, as well as her crazy psychiatrist's alien obsessed therapy group. They are totally unaware of the biggest threat. Plan C finds them holed up in her billionaire brother-in-law's exclusive hotel, where the pair make an amazing discovery. Targon finds that he really does want to share Maryellen's body, but what he has in mind requires that he have one of his own! Maryellen finds that she no longer wants to be rid of Targon. She may still want him to find a new host body, but she's definitely willing to take him into her heart. That is, if they can get themselves out of this predicament.

This book is hilarious! The orange juice guzzling alien keeps Maryellen in a tizzy until she's dizzy. He's arrogant, exasperating, and oh so sexy. Targon's perceptions and reactions, as well as the situations the pair get themselves into, will keep the reader in stitches. The surprise ending is very sweet, and I'm sure the reader will agree that Ur may just have been sent to the right place after all!

A veteran author, Ms. Deauxville is well known for her historical romances. This comedic contemporary fantasy, has proven her versatility as a writer without a shadow of a doubt. We can only hope that she will be inspired to write more of them.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 30, 2002


Maryellen isn't sure whether to call the Men in Black or the men in white coats--all she knows is that she is having an incredibly alien experience. The voice that comes out of her mouth isn't hers (she certainly wouldn't swear like that!) and though the hand exploring her breast is her own, she's never had the urge to do that before. Her sister says Manhattan is finally getting to her. She claims Ur Targon is simply the last alarm bell of Maryellen's biological clock. But how can either of them deny a golden god who promises to make her see stars? Maryellen has to get Targon out of her body and heart. If he needs her enough, he can find his own way back in.


Out of the Blue
by Katherine Deauxville

Love Spell (Leisure)
February 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524694
EAN #9780505524690
352 pages
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