"A Tempting tale of murder, intrigue, and sensual preternatural romance!"

Grief is a very personal emotion which affects each individual in a different way.

February: Los Angeles, CA - For Vivian Carrington, it's a wake up call. She would miss her best friend, Melanie, more than she could begin to imagine, but arranging the funeral for the much loved international movie star had reminded her how lonely and empty her own life had become. She was forty-four, she had her millions, and a slew of men passing through her bedroom, but where was idealistic woman who had once wanted to make the world a better place using only her bare hands? When was the last time she'd been an active participant in her own life? Who would mourn her passing? No one. It was time to set meaningless affairs aside and find herself again.

February: New Orleans, LA - When Damien St. James lost his beloved Bliss in the war among the Shadow Dwellers, he had vowed never to expose his heart to such pain again. Though eternity stretched before the vampire, he would never love again. Sinjin had left his beloved Highlands for New Orleans, to immerse himself in the business affairs of the popular jazz bar he'd acquired. He'd also indulged himself in a bevy of beautiful, if brainless women, to lose himself in physical pleasures, or perhaps to prove that HE was still alive. They kept his body satisfied but could never touch his shattered heart. Then the war had made its way to New Orleans, the last battle transpiring in Chat Noir, his place of business. It was the reason his bar was closed on the last day of Mardi Gras, giving him time to think. Too much time.

In New York City - Elspeth's diary, containing the information which had had deadly consequences for the vampires in New Orleans, had fallen into new hands. For the thief, on a routine burglary, it was a fortuitous find. The werewolf, like her brethren, had no allegiance to either faction of the Shadow Dwellers. The war did not concern them, but Elena Vasquez had a personal reason for wanting the diary. It might just hold the key to regaining her humanity. Which side would be more likely to give her the help that she needed?

May: New Orleans - Vivian's search for self had brought her to New Orleans on the auspices of helping her friend Ehrin research a new book. She was living for the most part on pocket money, and spending her evenings reading cozily in a corner of Chat Noir. It is there that she catches Sinjin's eye. He finds himself looking for her each evening. The attraction is immediate and mutual, though Vivian doesn't respond right away. That only serves as a challenge for him. He senses she is different from the other women he's indulged himself in, but convinces himself that he's in total control, that he cannot be hurt by her.

He's handsome and sexy, but Vivian is determined to turn over a new leaf. Enough is enough, she would not use or be used by another man. A mugging, and the fact that the bar is short handed, changes the dynamics of their relationship. When he offers her a short term job to fill in as hostess, Vivian accepts, proud that she will not have to rely on her trust fund after all. New Orleans is beginning to grow on her, it doesn't take long for her to see it as a second home. She loves the atmosphere and the people, one person particularly well. Still she is wary.

After doing her research, Elena approaches Sinjin with Elspeth's diary. He is the logical choice to decode it. He'd been identified as trustworthy, and he'd been the Chronicler of the Shadow Dweller's history for several centuries, giving him the necessary knowledge to interpret it. She's young and lovely, and makes the more mature Vivian doubt her appeal, especially when Sinjin continually disappears upstairs with her.

Sinjin, however, has no doubts, at least about Vivian's attractions. Once he might have enjoyed Elena's charms, but Vivian was different. She was outgoing and intelligent, and therein lay the attraction. Though she was beautiful as well, he genuinely liked her. They'd done barely more than kiss, but he suspects that she has already spoiled him for other women.

New Orleans is rife with danger. There is a slasher on the loose who has already murdered several women, The revenant, Miles, is determined to recover the diary, and though she is completely unaware of it, someone is gunning for Vivian. Anyone of those things would be enough to send a woman packing. But the precariousness of life is something that both Vivian and Sinjin are already well aware of. There is risk. There is passion. They must accept one to enjoy the other. Will Vivian still want him after she discovers his true nature? Could he bear it if she rejected him? Can either of them afford to let this second chance for love pass them by?

J. C. Wilder serves up yet another gripping sensual romance. TEMPTATION has oodles of activity to keep the reader enthralled from beginning to end. There is the continuing battle among the Shadow Dwellers which has yet to be resolved, two complicated and appealing main characters and the dance that leads up to their romance, intrigue, and a very interesting side character in Elena, the she-wolf.

Elena's fate is still up in the air, and I suspect this will make a very interesting story in its self. Book VII will feature the wild and reclusive were-cat, Renault, recently revealed to be the son of the rogue vampire, Mikhail. It will be entitled EYE OF THE STORM.

Oooh, a werewolf and a were-cat. What if you threw them together? Think of the possibilities. I guess we'll just have to wait to find out who Renault's heroine will be. At any rate the title suggests a major confrontation is on the way. Sounds tempting!

Leslie Tramposch - Copyright © 2002
For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 28, 2002


Damien St. James isn’t looking for the love of his life…

After the death of his love, Sinjin has sworn off serious relationships. As the owner of one of the most popular bars in New Orleans, women are plentiful and he has no problem finding female companions who ask no questions and make no demands upon him. But he’s thrown for a loop when a mysterious woman enters his bar and seems to be completely immune to his charms…

Vivian Carrington isn’t looking for a good time, she’s trying to save her own life. After the death of her best friend, she sets herself on a path of self-discovery and winds up in New Orleans, the city of secrets and sin. When a handsome bar owner makes a pass at her, she sets him straight, fully intending to carry on with her trip and leave Sinjin where he belongs…behind the bar.

But there is the little matter of a diary, a mysterious visitor and the illicit lure of temptation…

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere in 2002. Story has been revised and lengthened for Ellora's Cave.


(Shadow Dwellers: Book 6)
by J. C. Wilder

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2006
Available: September 26, 2006
ISBN #1419907387
EAN #9781419907388
e-Book (reprint)
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