"High tech science fiction at its very best"

In the far distant future, mankind has been able to terraform whole planets so that humans could colonize them. Oskar DeSilvo is credited as the genius who brought this process about but Anton Koffield declares that the terraforming project is breaking down and if they don't evacuate the planet millions will die.

Although the authorities have proof that DeSilvo is still alive and has technologies that will save mankind, the authorities want proof that the terraforming project is imperfect. Koffield and his associates travel through a time wormhole one hundred years in the past to locate DeSilvo, get the technology, including the FTL drive and save the future. Koffield also wants vengeance on the man who destroyed his career.

THE OCEAN OF YEARS is high tech science fiction at its very best. The time travel operation, intricate to the story line, is both easy to understand and makes sense even if one is not a quantum physicist. The hero is a driven man, whom seems to place honor above all else, making him the implacable enemy of the antagonist. Yet it is his thirst for vengeance that ultimately leaves readers to wonder whether humanity will survive (at least this novel). Fans of Arthur C. Clarke will love this book.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 1, 2002


In a far-flung universe--where history is a timeshaft away-- a manhunt begins to determine the future of a world....

Oskar DeSilvo was the founder of the planet Solace. As the director of its terraforming project, he literally made the world--but he's been dead for over a hundred years. Or so Anton Koffield thought. Now, as Solace slides into ecological collapse, Koffield discovers that DeSilvo may still somehow be alive--and that the secrets he holds could save not only Solace but all of humanity.

But Koffield has his own reasons to find DeSilvo. Once a decorated officer of the Chronologic Patrol, he now battles against all they stand for to find the man who nearly destroyed him. Driven by a ruthless sense of justice and honor, Koffield takes his crew back through a timeshaft wormhole to a time and a place none of them have ever seen: Earth of the next century. There the search begins. A quest not only to explore the past--but to free the future from the clutches of a genocidal madman....


The Oceans Of Years
by Roger MacBride Allen

June 25, 2002
ISBN #0553583646
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