"An exciting who-done-it"

Near his Tyler Beach, New Hampshire home, retired Department of Defense research analyst (at least that is the title of the job description) Lewis Cole finds a murdered corpse in a nearby state park wildlife preserve parking lot. Though curious, the freelance writer has no plans to follow up on the homicide. However, the next day Feds arrive warning Lewis to stay out of their investigation though they do provide him with a lot of information about the victim.

Surprised by their approach and knowing how a Fed acts from experience, Lewis does a bit of digging and quickly learns that his visitors showed him fake Ids and that a deadly mob is involved. Lewis is revisited by an assortment of characters. Some demand he solve the case threatening to destroy his financial standing including his retirement pension while others threaten to kill him if he continues to make inquiries. Lewis trusts no one and feels he has no choice but to investigate. However, he plans to do it his style.

KILLER WAVES, the latest Cole thriller is an exciting who- done-it that never quite seems real though readers will enjoy Lewis' investigation. The story line is fun yet feels slightly off kilter requiring a stretch as to why anyone wants Lewis involved. Still Cole is a strong protagonist and Brendan DuBois' fans will enjoy his latest escapade, but feel it falls a bit short of THE SHATTERED SHELL.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 11, 2002


Late one April evening, retired Department of Defense research analyst Lewis Cole notices a disturbance in the state park across an inlet from his beachfront home in Tyler Beach, New Hampshire. Curious, Cole walks over and finds a solitary man who has been shot to death in the empty wildlife preserve's parking lot. Having a dead body turn up nearly on his doorstep doesn't happen every night, but since Cole writes magazine articles, not newspaper stories, he decides to let the matter drop. Other people have other ideas. A day after the man's death, Cole is visited by a team of Federal Agents, claiming to be from the Drug Enforcement Agency. They tell him that the murdered man was a drug courier sent to meet someone from Cole's neighborhood and the Feds want his help. Cole, who has bitter memories of dealing with the government, initially refuses, but is forced to comply when they take away his job, his savings, and even his home. He quickly learns, however, that the agents have another agenda, one that doesn't involve drug dealers at all.

As Cole looks for answers, all he is able to find are more questions. Just where exactly was the man from? South America or the Middle East? Why was he interested in an old World War II tale involving German U-boats interned at a naval shipyard up the coast?

Cole soon realizes that these mysteries are more dangerous than he ever imagined. They are leading him back into his secretive past, one that cost him many friends and now threatens his own life.


Killer Waves
by Brendan Dubois

Minotaur Books
June 1, 2002
ISBN #031228487X
352 pages
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