"I stopped trying to predict where the story was going, it was too much fun to just enjoy the ride"

Now here is a western with a difference. In fact, it's a western with a lot of differences, where the author has taken the notion of what makes a "hero" and a "heroine" and forces us to take a real good look at them.

We have four main characters in this book. There is Clint Randolf, the epitome of the western range detective, handsome, a fast draw, every woman's dream. And then there is his side-kick, Sam Blake. Sam's a big man, lots of hair, hasn't been with a woman since the last one threw him out of her room after seeing the size of his...well you get the idea. When trouble brews and the local authorities hire the pair to come in and clean things up, it is Clint they are looking for. But Sam is the man with the college education, who makes the plans that help them catch the bad guys. Sam is the brains of the pair, Clint the window dressing. Clint may be the faster draw, but Sam always hits what he shoots at. And Sam is getting a little tired of being overlooked because of his more charismatic buddy.

Prudence Hofheinz is the schoolmarm in the little town of Rincon, Texas. She hates teaching school, but what else is there for an overweight thirty-year-old spinster without resources to do? Her best friend is Arabella Morgan, the beautiful daughter of the richest rancher there. When Clint and Sam show up to capture some rustlers, it is love at first sight all around.

Okay, everyone knows what happens next, right? Clint gets together with Arabella, Sam with Pru, everyone lives happily ever after.

Wrong. Yes, the love at first sight happens and up to the end of the first section, things are pretty predictable. But then Sam gets terribly injured and Clint betrays him. Pru's reputation is shot and she could care less, she goes off to help Sam. Arabella ends up married to Clint, and it isn't all roses, in fact it's closer to cow manure.

The bulk of the book is a fascinating study about living through adversity, learning to make the best of what you have, the joys of second chances, and what really makes a hero or heroine. After a while, I stopped trying to predict where the story was going, it was too much fun to just enjoy the ride. For a western romance with a lot of differences, The Hero's Best Friend is one book to try.

Janet Miller Copyright 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted May 11, 2002


The Sidekick and the Schoolmarm: Two people destined to go unnoticed through life, overshadowed by their more attractive best friends. When Sam Blake and Prudence Hofheinz meet that Spring in Rincon, Texas, it seems like a miracle. But Sam and Prudence must face a villain's deception, a partner's betrayal, a small town scandal and a serious injury that threatens to tear them apart before they can find the forever kind of love that can sometimes happen not just to the Hero, but to the Hero's Best Friend.

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The Hero's Best Friend
by Elise Dee Beraru

May 11, 2002
ISBN #1587490277
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