"Anthology with something to tempt every reader's palate"

"MIDNIGHT'S DOOR" by By Jane Toombs

Dara Castaneda's dead twin, Vida is the last thing she wants to think about. While Vida was alive she'd never learned how to speak, but now that she is dead she whispers to Dara at night. Dara woke up one night in the cemetery with no idea as to how she got there. That very night she packed up and left. For good! So why after two years is she back? Not to mention being crammed into an SUV with twelve other people, heading out to Wolf House. She wished that she never mentioned this place to Jo-Jo, who was in to Satanism and who knows what else.

"DEMON KILLER" by Myra Nour

Azra's village is attacked by a demon race of warriors called Hessitor. She manages to makes it back to her cottage, only to be attacked and raped by one of them. Her father kills the Hessitor and they escape to the forest. Their village had been lucky this time, for only a few had been killed, and a few were taken as slaves. Azra however was left carrying the offspring...the spawn of a demon race. Would a mother's love be enough to save this child from its father evil heritage?

"THE TOWER" by Jennifer Dunne

At last, after years spent conquering and defending other's land, General Bayard finally has a barony of his own, Kittern Castle. As he and his men approach Castle Kittern, they are met at the gate and welcomed by Severin, the steward and other servants of the keep. Later that day, while going over some maps, something catches his attention. The map shows that deep within the forest there is an "Old Keep." The next day Bayard and a scouting party set out to have a look at the old keep. Upon inspection of the old keep, he decides it is of no use, and at best he could tear it down and use the stones to reinforce the walls around his castle. This is met by protest from the steward and gamekeeper. Bayard is told that the tower is well known by the people of Kittern, and that legend states that any couple who makes love in it will conceive a child.

"HONOR BOUND" by Robin Bayne

Dek watched from an old oak tree as hundreds of human men marched towards each other. All of them looked determined... Determined to kill each other. Cannon fire ripped through the humid atmosphere and on the grass below but away from the fighting, a female screamed. She seemed intent on reaching the soldiers, but an elderly man held her back. Another scream tore through the battle noise, and Dek glanced down. He saw a tiny woman with a baby clutched to her shoulder trying to reach the field... once again she was held back by the older man who acted as guardian.

The fighting sounds lessened, and Dek heard the cry of her baby below. She tried soothing the child by stroking its head. Just as she moved Dek saw her face clearly, he felt a small shock; it was as if he knew her! Although her face was blotchy from crying, she still seemed familiar. If only he could go to her, comfort her, offer to take her to a place far away from here. Away from the waste and stupidity of war... show her his world!

I have just finished reading four excellent stories written by four very talented authors. SHIFTERS has a little something to tempt every reader's palate. From time traveling aliens to Faeries and Demons. Medieval knights and Werewolves are all found in this page turning anthology. I for one will be checking to see what others stories these ladies have to offer in the future! I highly recommend reading SHIFTERS

Charlene Smith Copyright April 2002
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted May 11, 2002


To some, shifting is a gift-to others it is a curse they are born to.. In SHIFTERS, journey to worlds filled with wondrous possibilities . and sometimes terrifying realities.


by Jane Toombs, Myra Nour, Jennifer Dunne, Robin Bayne

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2002
ISBN #1586085522
EAN #9781586085520
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