"A delicious time travel fantasy romance"

Athena employs a special crystal to help her unhappy brother professional wrestler "Saint" George Arlington finds a modicum of contentment. George is not only recovering from an injury, but frets over learning children have been injured copying his vaunted finishing move. Instead of just hypnotizing George into some sort of harmonic trance, Athena sends her sibling back to medieval England. George believes his sibling has mesmerized him so when he meets Emoni it is easy for him to pledge that he will slay the local dragon so that the villagers won't annually sacrifice a virgin to keep the beast satiated.

He travels to the dragon's island where the caretaker knocks George out, which leads to his incarceration by the old crone who feeds the dragon. As a professional wrestler, George can tell the crone is a beautiful young woman in disguise. George fails on his first two attempts to slay the dragon even as he fantasizes about his hostess. To her chagrin Alizon is very attracted to the weird outsider. Still if George survives his fight with the dragon, will he convince Alizon that this is his fantasy and in it they belong together?

Lisa Cach ingeniously takes a contemporary professional wrestler and sends him back in time to fight a virgin eating dragon. Anyone who reads the tale will know that Ms. Cach is a brilliant innovator as this humorous time travel tale succeeds because the story line never deviates from not taking itself too seriously. Readers will relish the professional wrestler seeking a "script" to fight the dragon in this comedic romantic romp.

Harriet Klausner Copyright 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 11, 2002


Sometimes, slaying the dragon is the easy part.

The medieval village of Markesew was besieged, its virgins demanded in tribute to a filthy dragon, so when St. George the Dragonslayer arrived from modern times -- in his silver pants and lace-up boots -- his task was clear. Being a professional wrestler didn't qualify him for the job, but a sword and imagination were all he needed... or so he thought, until he came up against the mysterious mistress of Devil's Mount.

Twelve years ago Alizon had been sent to die in the jaws of the serpent. Too tough for dragon teeth then, she'd never surrender to some foreigner in shiny hose now. She feared first for the secret world she'd built atop her mountain... but as St. George approached, Alizon realized it was not the dragon's armor he had come to pierce, but the scales around her own ferocious heart.


George And The Virgin
by Lisa Cach

Love Spell
June 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524899
EAN #9780505524898
384 pages
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