"Alien abduction?"

Reporter Cody Walker has a problem, he just can't sleep, has been having increasingly frequent bouts of weakness and nausea and now he's hearing voices and seeing strange lights. Cody believes he might be having some kind of mental breakdown but he had enough poking and prodding by doctors following his unexplained disappearance a year ago and refuses to suffer more.

Roberta Vandenburg, Cody's neighbor has her own theory about Cody's illness. Roberta is a UFO researcher; she believes that Cody may be experiencing flashbacks and that his six week absence may have been the result of an alien abduction. Roberta has seen the symptoms before linked to abductions she has investigated; she just has to convince her handsome, skeptical neighbor -- before it happens again.

Cody may not remember exactly where he disappeared to a year ago, but alien abduction? .....Yeah Right!

In this engaging sequel to BLUE DAWN Norah-Jean Perkins succeeds in reforming the previously unlikable character of Cody Walker and making him very appealing indeed. I found, at first, I did not like the character of Roberta very much as she seemed determined to use Cody for her own gain (a role we are perhaps more used to seeing the male character in) however true to the genre she redeems herself towards the end and I was cheering them on to a happy ever after. This book does stand on its own; however, a few loose ends from the first book are tied up more satisfactorily in this one. Having read BLUE DAWN and CRAZY IN CHICAGO I would recommend buying both books and reading them in order.

PNR Reviews Copyright April 2002
Reviewed by Barbra Small

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted May 11, 2002


Reporter Cody Walker is driving Roberta Vandenburg crazy. Besides being tall, dark and sexy, with bedroom eyes to die for, Cody refuses to even consider what Roberta is convinced is the solution to his increasingly dangerous problems.

What, him abducted by aliens? You've got to be kidding. After all, Cody is just a simple man, as ordinary as toast, as normal as apple pie. It doesn't matter that he can't sleep, he's seeing strange lights, hearing voices, all symptoms that UFO researcher Roberta knows are linked to many of the alien abductions she's investigated. Cody stubbornly resists investigating anything that would put him into the same odd and unpleasant category as his runaway father.

But Roberta, frustrated as she may be, doesn't take no for an answer, especially when the survival of the hard-headed man she can't help loving is at stake. Could she do anything else?


Crazy in Chicago
by Norah-Jean Perkin

Fiction Works
May 11, 2001
ISBN #1581246811
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